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Leggi il Testo, scopri il Significato e guarda il Video musicale di Zimzallabim di Yasiin Bey contenuta nell'album The New Danger. “Zimzallabim” è una canzone di Yasiin Bey. Zimzallabim Lyrics.

TESTO - Yasiin Bey - Zimzallabim


TESTO - Yasiin Bey - Zimzallabim


Give it to 'em

Yes, yes, yes, yes, aha ah!

Ghetto people.. this one's for you

And you and you and you

And you and you in the front


Jack Johnson (aha) alive and stompin'

Undisputed heavyweight champ (aha) of the world

Yo I'm live with it, low, middle, to high with it

And that's how I'mma live and die with it

All up and down your spine with it, Like Zimzallabim

Jack Johnson, yes my dog, wild with them!

The most special, most ghetto, most mental, most valuable

Rep my avenue like it's the damn state capital

Come and travel through minds, a better mark of greatness

On slaves who high jacked the slave ships

The hackers who could crack the matrix, and build the road back to basics

And get y'all all off that strange shit

You know these other cats run game with, it's tainted

Consider this the moment that changed it: NOW!

Jack John stand strong never bow down

Back off or get clapped dog right about POW

From east to the west, up north to down south

We show you how to REALLY make a moshpit bounce

Show you how to really make the ghetto wild out

First letters that I wrote when I sketch the script down

I'm live wit' it, low, middle, to high with it

And that's how I'mma live and die with it, I shine with it

Rhyme with it, revered and recognized with it

The ghetto know what time is it, when I spit it

Me 9-semi, an iron lion strike with it

See Dr. Know string a knot and make 'em ride with it


And look alive

Ghetto rock with me

Look alive

Ghetto rock with me

Aha yeah

Throw it up

Ghetto rock with me

Show it up

Ghetto rock with me

Born to rock, serve my portion hot

Rock the booze water on any bully on your block

My flow tighter than a big titty halter top

Doper than a floyd flake that they bought they pops

Since I bright a con duke of course I'm not

My sharp mind join the dots and boil they pots

A lot of cats talk noise a lot, but then the noise is stopped

When the heavy sound voice in charge

And this is no limp bizkit this is jack's fat cock

Loaded up slide it back, ghetto black rock

Brooklyn got the bumrush that you can't stop

These the hungry hands that gon snatch your cash box

I never gave a second thought to fucking with y'all

Cuz my first thought covered it all: YOU WHACK!!!

And I don't care what you sound since not mumblin y'all

Cause you can't do me nothing at all

Which means, you can't shine my shoes, wash my drawers

Clean my car, walk my dog, mow my lawn

In other words duke, I don't need SHIT from them

All I got is hard rhymes and hot spit for them

And yeah, I got the country mule (raaatttttt) for them

See how dark it can get for them? Tell they mommas that's it for them

Get the flower vase sent for them

A sad story how it went for them

That's what you get for not listenin' FIRE!!

And a long verse of kumbayah, You stand strong you can't move higher

You move in "how we all can move higher?"

Ready to roll like new tire

Well I can show you who the true lion

True power move quiet, through the understandin' of the science

We live with it, low, middle to high with it

And that's how we gon' live and die with it, now ride with it!

Yeah, ghetto rock with me

Ghetto rock with me

Ghetto rock with me

Ghetto rock!! Ghetto... MOTHERFUCKERS!

Freaky radio!


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