You & I

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TESTO - Murs - You & I


TESTO - Murs - You & I


Check it out, it's the end of the beginning

The end being of like10 years ago when I first started rapping

All I wanted to do was make shit

Get it to people; see what they thought

And see how they felt about it, get my props or whatever

Now it's the end of that

Cause now I gotta do in-stores, photo shoots, interviews

(You guys come over here!)

Check the head with the fucking reps, man

And now it's like, it's not about you and me anymore

My job is to get it to the people, not the people who diss me

But the people who are feeling me, give you the

Soundtrack for your life (For you)

Now when I came to the game I was wet behind the ears

All I had was some raps that I wanted y'all to hear

Straight low budget I was underground thuggin' it

You think I gave a fuck about a publicist? (NO!)

You think I gave a fuck if you dubbed this shit? (NO!)

Now the industry is runnin' this underground shit (What?)

The industry is runnin' this underground shit (Oh!)

Now what that means is my crew wants a street team

My crew wants a video so they can be seen

And that was my dream since I was pre-teen

But as I got older and the world got colder

Reality swooped and put the dreams over

Now I'm content with the mastery of words

Realize the importance is just being heard

By fans who love you and you love them

And honestly it's love that moves this pen

It's about me!

It's about you!

Now what I'm trying to say is fuck a middle man

I just wanna make music and get it in your hands

All the bullshit in between is senseless

Just to get to you I gotta hop a few fences

Interviews, record pools, managers, checker fools

Lawyers, logos, contracts, promos, photos

Conference, contracts, constant combat

The psycho cycle's burnin' me out

I just wanna rock the mic and turn the party out

Earn a little clout with the butter in my mouth

But all the politics and bullshit make me wanna shout

(MOTHERFUCKER!! *growling under his voice*)

So an unintelligible rebel with a flow

So if y'all wanna step to my level then fa'sho

Let's go, strap bombs, lap on, kick com

Do what you wanna do cause it's all about you

Look, I don't do it for my wealth I do it for myself

And the moment you pick this up up off the shelf

See, you chose me and that means a lot

Work hard for your money and this is what you bought

Divine expert so far my best work

Is yet to be seen, but I'm steppin' to the green

With a putter in my hand spreadin' butter over bland

Was just another fan, now I'm addin' to the plot

Not thinking I'm the man cause I have what I got

Knowing you can lose it all in just one shot

But like I said I'm on the green staying down to earth

L.A. is the set, Mid
Town's the turf

But I'm speaking to the world when I pound this verse

Right through this mic into your ears

Took less than a second for me to get here

So forget your fears, and peep this here

By the way, Christina get thicker for a nigga, c'mon

*Drum beat. . . make you feel the drum beat*


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