Leggi il Testo, scopri il Significato e guarda il Video musicale di Yo!! Sweetness di MC Hammer contenuta nell'album Please Hammer Don’t Hurt ‘Em. “Yo!! Sweetness” è una canzone di MC Hammer. Yo!! Sweetness Lyrics.

TESTO - MC Hammer - Yo!! Sweetness


TESTO - MC Hammer - Yo!! Sweetness

YO' SWEET-NESS - ("Give it to me, give it to me")
IS, MY WEAK-NESS - ("Give it to me, baby" [- Rick James)
Pump it up, pump it up, pump it up, pump it up

Just, just..
Just the way, that you smile
And the things, that you say
Like Eastwood on the movies
Yo, baby, +make my day+
It's not a game, not a movie
It's yo' love that do this to me
Dial my number, call me up
I go from pitbull to precious pup

Check it out..
Be my GIRL, be my lady
Be my WOMAN, be my baby
Treat you like a diamond ring
Kiss and hold me, sweet thing
Be my FRIEND, be my homie
Be my girl, my one and only
Call my name, I can't explain
Yo' sweetness drive me insane

Met this girl, get me hype...
Get me hype, get me stupid
Shot with an uzi, by ol' Cupid
Got me goin on and on
Can't stop groanin on my mobile phone
She says hi, I say yo
That gets it off and there we go
Just so sweet, you oh so real
I'm GETTIN weak, that's how I FEEL!

I remember how I met you, girl...
On the night that we first met
That is the way that I forget
We were buggin at a club
Gettin live - OAKTOWN DOES!
Then you looked, and I looked
And there it was, we were HOOKED!
Sweetness on yo' face
That's why my body (SHOOK AND SHOOK)

"Give it to me baby" [- Rick James

Yo, yo, yo..

Now, now..
Now the love, that you have
Is the love, that I need
Like a fat man eatin chicken
On your lovin, I will feed (word!)
From the moment, that I see you
I don't KNOW, how to act
A weakness for yo' sweetness
Makes my heart go PITTIN-PATT!

(Too Big MC)
(Yo, let's do this!) Now it's time to DANCE..
I said DANCE.. (Yo Lone Mixer cut {?})
{"Give it to me baby" [- Rick James}
(Yo, DJ Redeem - bring the noise!) Yeah, I like them sweet ones!
Makes me a weak one for ya, baby

Yo, baby be sweet and make me weak, yeaaah! (BUST IT!)
Yeah...Oaktown (BUST IT!)
Oaktown...We got them SWEET ones in Oaktown (Got 'em Started, OAKLAND!)
{"Give it to me baby" [- Rick James}
(Pump it up!) But you know Houston and Dallas got sweet ones too
(Give it to me, baby!) I'm talkin bout SWEET!

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