Chance the Rapper

XXL Freshman Freestyle

Leggi il Testo, scopri il Significato e guarda il Video musicale di XXL Freshman Freestyle di Chance the Rapper . “XXL Freshman Freestyle” è una canzone di Chance the Rapper. XXL Freshman Freestyle Lyrics.

TESTO - Chance the Rapper - XXL Freshman Freestyle


TESTO - Chance the Rapper - XXL Freshman Freestyle

Ice, melting in my chain

Pretty as my hair

Ugly as my name

Dirty as my gold

Comfy as my chair

Ugly is my name

Ugly is my name

No weapon formed against me shall prosper

My sword look just like Michael's

He lent it to me, this a house of God

I'm just leasing, he rent it to me

This sentence he penned it too

That's a Gmail, he sent it to me

I can send you his contact, hit him if you in combat

Hit him if you in traffic, even if there ain't no static

That's my G, he got me shinin'

My hair, he made it tangled

My seed, don't need no lining

A halo fits on an angel

And if the shoe fits, I'll tie his and let the kiddie rap

Finally give the city back, and ask God for a piggy-back

Up on his shoulders I notice, I'm within earshot

I yell, "Thanks for makin' us in your image

You got a good sense of hubris"


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