Gucci Mane

Wish You Was Me

Leggi il Testo,la Traduzione in Italiano, scopri il Significato e guarda il Video musicale di Wish You Was Me di Gucci Mane . “Wish You Was Me” è una canzone di Gucci Mane. Wish You Was Me Lyrics.

TESTO - Gucci Mane - Wish You Was Me

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TESTO - Gucci Mane - Wish You Was Me

Its Guwop... Its Guwop...

I got hundred young niggas screaming I don't give a fuck
Got dem pistols in the club, wish a nigga would touch me
Nigga What? you think Gucci give a fuck?
Saying that you fuck with Gucci but he know he don't trust me
In a rush, Nigga better catch a cut
Got that .44 on my gut, I don't need no nigga but me
I'm a thug, yea, my mama raised a thug
But I'm a multi-millionaire, you wish you motherfucking was me

(Verse 1:)
Nigga wish you was the motherfuckin Gucci Mane
But stop man wit yo wishin' there cause on the real you trippin man
And I know bands can make her dance but I can't really dance
You spend 100 thousand on it they will really glance
I throw so much money on me, I need hammer pants
And we can bet 1 million, that's if you's a gambling man
I ain't running from it, I was born in Birmingham
East Atlanta, Bentley Mulsanne check my instagram
I'm a shooter, I'm a builder and I'm a business man
I talk so disrespectful that I hurt yo feelings damn
I whip and took a pass then to you, I need them extra grams
And when that choppa blip my bitch y'all say I'm goin' Ham


(verse 2:)
I'm fuckin with the young niggas, all my niggas thuggin'
Robin Hood of the city, all my niggas struggling
Big money Gucci nigga, I don't do the budget
Feel just like eazy when he made eazy does it
Rap niggas name drop, Gucci Mane cocaine drop
Thought it was a choppa, 100 bottles of champagne popped
Thought I was a doctor, 50 pints on my counter top
4-58 cause I just load a Ferrari shop
Pray to be a hustla, man I got it from grandpa
In the kitchen cookin' Rest In Peace to my grandma
Nigga ran off so Imma blow his fuckin' head off
You can work for me cause now you got a dead boss


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