Leggi il Testo, scopri il Significato e guarda il Video musicale di Why di Young Thug contenuta nell'album 1017 Thug. “Why” è una canzone di Young Thug. Why Lyrics.

TESTO - Young Thug - Why


TESTO - Young Thug - Why

Aye my little homie in the booth you know what I'm saying, she still popping tags in this bitch (hello)

I mean it is us

In swag we trust, you know (hello)

Wheezy Beatz

Turn me up, turn me up, turn me up

Yeah turn me up, nigga turn me up

Turn me up, turn it up, yeah

Aye you know the shit they call, uh, blue hundreds?

That shit in around this way for real, uh


I, I never, never, never, never lie to my niggas about bitches

I never, never, never, never play with my niggas about hoes, nah

I never, never, never, never do my niggas wrong

No, no bitch yeah I don't

Why these fuck niggas lie to they bros?

Why? (oh why?)

Why the fuck these niggas lying to each other?

They supposed to be brothers, why?

Why did my brother get gunned down?

A couple streets from my mama's spot?

Why the fuck did someone leave him on the ground leave blood in the parking lot?

Why the fuck the ambulance took a hundred years to pick him up, nigga, why?

And why these bitches falling for these niggas even though they just some suckers then they die

Hey, why these hoes?

Why these hoes?

Why these hoes, why these hoes, why? why?

Yeah, baby you ain't gotta kick it like that

You ain't gotta lie about this, bout that

Baby you ain't gotta do it like that, goddamn

I was just starting to believe what you say

I was just starting to believe you ain't playing

I was just believing you didn't know my mans, man

But you knew em' all

You probably sucking hella balls

Because I know you fucking hella jawns

And I know they onto hella broads, oh


Who that bomboclat blood boy wanna touch me baby?

Imma shoot him in the head, no no dreads little baby

Who you trying to rob little boy?

Don't play around little boy

I just wanted to maintain, yeah I just wanna feel the pain yeah

I just wanted white cocaine, I just wanna lose the pain yeah

I just wanna protect my stain, yeah i don't wanna lose non' yeah

I just want what I already got, I don't wanna lose again, yeah

I'm a rude boy from my birth, to my death, aye

And I ain't standing on no money nigga don't step, aye

Imma speak this shit into existence not for my health, aye

Imma speak this shit into existence not for my health (aye, yeah)

From the heart not for my health (aye, yeah)

Swear to God not for my health (aye, yeah)

Do it for you, not for myself (aye)


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