Method Man

Where’s Method Man?

Leggi il Testo, scopri il Significato e guarda il Video musicale di Where’s Method Man? di Method Man contenuta nell'album Tical 2000 – Judgement Day. “Where’s Method Man?” è una canzone di Method Man. Where’s Method Man? Lyrics.

TESTO - Method Man - Where’s Method Man?


TESTO - Method Man - Where’s Method Man?

Satayin ed lover on the microphone, BLAZIN hittin you in your head yo

That was a fat joint that was the Wu-Tang dude ha hoo ha hoo ha word up

Man, speakin of the Wu-Tang where the f**k is method man?! i mean god

Damn how long is it going to take one nigga to make another album, i

Mean come on i'm sittin here scratching my BALLS, dog i'm thirsty, i got

A big cup of Method Man lemon aid right here nigga, i need to drink this

Shit, hit me with another album dog, anybody seen this motherf**ker?

Imean somebody call me somebody from staton island, long island, i don't

Give a f**k if you from warchester massachussettes, if you see method

Man, get at a nigga so i know wear he at man Meth! when you gonna do

Another album? Mr. Tical, Johnny Blaze, method man ktallion stallion

Flyin glyion what ever you call your f**kin self, could you please hit

These niggas with another album please, i bet you he somewhere getting

Blazed up with redman, you know what meth you don't want to make another

Album, ah you know what you don't want to make another album, f**k you

Whatever man


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