What They Want – Russ

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TESTO - Russ - What They Want – Russ

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TESTO - Russ - What They Want – Russ

Yeah (Ooh)
Yeah (Oh)
What it do Russ?
They let us in the rap game (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
I swear they let me in this motherfucking rap game (Mmm, yeah, yeah)
Haha you fucked up now

Got a chick, I call her Lola, she feel like the ocean (Yeah)
Like to drink and smoke some doja and I feel like smoking
Plus she good at charming cobras, I feel like I'm chosen
But she ain't the only one, no (She ain't the only one)
Got a chick, I call her Katia, (M hmm check) she be acting boujee
Then she came through and topped me off, now she just a groupie
Got the aura of the Mafia, (Check me out) her friends wish they knew me
But they ain't the only ones, no, no

Uhh, uhh
What they want, tell me what they want Russ
Watch the green grow fast, neighbours want my lawn cut
Baby got a fat butt, she just made her drawers bust
And I ain't got the keys so I'm busting all these doors up
Seven headed south and he told me hold the shit down
Told him that these girls a little crazy with the kid now
Facebook arguments with every chick I dick down
So when I spit a verse they be feelin' every inch now
Still protected, I'm still a weapon and still protect it
I will infect it but can't neglect it, I kill for breakfast
A millisecond ain't shit when you make a mill a second
If you in debt with my homies I swear we will collect it
Never guessing, it's facts only just ask Brody
Never scared to pull a card I see you act phony
Don't ask for credit my
and it's cash only
And I don't spit it for
boy it's crack only

Who wants my money? I'll tell you who I don't fuck with
Who's pulling strings? I'm just pointing out all the puppets
What I'm demanding is fucking up all the budgets
I'm smart as fuck, they be talking like I'm the dumbest
But I know what they want from me, dollars, lot of stock in me
It ain't nothing personal, it's business and I'm a commodity
But honestly, Papap would be turning in his grave
The day I let someone else become the boss of me
When there's a boss in me, I'll be damned

What they want, what they want, what they want
Dollar signs, yeah, I know it's what they want
What they want, what they want, what they want
Y'all ain't fooling me at all, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh

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