Wiz Khalifa

We Don’t Need That

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TESTO - Wiz Khalifa - We Don’t Need That

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TESTO - Wiz Khalifa - We Don’t Need That

Telling you a friend of the cops? We don't need that

shells in the Glock? We don't need that
Telling who's selling you blocks? No we don't need that
We don't need that, we don't need that

What you need come and get it from me
I got that white and that grass
I'm from where fiends get they check and take it right to the ave
Where hustlers pump blow, and chop up slabs
Man I could get you whacked for a brick and a half
Hit the booth and put my life on the pad
Send my goons to your crib to invade your pad
For all your stacks and all them blocks you had
If you don't give it up, POW, then pop in a mag
Stay fresh, stay popping the tags
Shit flip small time, that's what I said
You having trouble on the block slanging lil ass bags
They can't fuck with S bags
Nigga that's a fact, my guns be action packed
Blip, blap, take a nap, it's a rap when I clap you fools
Pop eleven in your back like Mac'll do
That's what the MAC will do
Since I was young I was taught to cock and shoot

Ah shit, they done let him go
Loose off the chain choker
Now the game's over there's two names to blame soldier
Wiz Khalifa, I keep reefer, the chain smoker
Change blower, S Money in the Range Rover
I told Hustla to give me the word
I'ma make these rap motherfuckers give me the Burgh
And send shots from the semi to herbs
I love to chill in the low key
With a bad bitch and an OZ
And you don't wanna get heated by the pump
One in 16, all I need's a bitty and a blunt
Young Khalifa, and I stand by my name
From my flow, the streets know me by my name
Yeah nigga come and try my aim
Bring all of em in
I'm on point, like a ball of a pen
Plus I'm hot to death
Got a lot to run but I ain't stopping yet
Oc I'm next, grinding til I'm right up at the top of

You dudes flow be wack
You should know my flow is that
Bang like Terror Squad hustlers
Bet we make that Joey Crack
Militantly minded, you niggas just be rhyming
And we trying to do it, to be in different climates
Extended for business get rid of the witness
Get mines in the trenches
In the gym bag by the benches
And don't ever try me cuz you in heavy trouble
So look the dezzy muffle
When I'm with Heavy Hustle
I know you hope I choke
But I do the rope a dope
Hit you with the OPA scope and knock your apple out your throat
You see my fitted cocked
Low when I deliver rocks
Heavy like a cinder block
Nigga you a friend of cops
Me never talk to them boys for no reason
CO please just show me where I'm sleeping
Cuz I would never tell jumpsuit I'm in my cell
Put the banger to your face and dog that's on every shell

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