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TESTO - Kodak Black - Versatile

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TESTO - Kodak Black - Versatile

Ayy, I'm just going through one of my old pads and shit, you know what I'm sayin'?
You know, a nigga so versatile I don't even need no auto-tune and none of that shit
I could sweep the flow up, the melody
Like I could speak to all her fans through every genre
I fuck wit this beat, tough though, ya heard
Helluva made this beat, baby
Everything on my path for this
I swear to God, dawg, I never imagined this
I remember I was out there on my savage shit, carjacking shit
On my snappin' shit, trappin' shit, ratchet shit

Seem like I lost more than I ever gained
Ain't get nun out these streets but pain
Ain't get nun out these streets but hard times
'Cause in these streets ain't nun but hard times
Tell C.B. I say wassup
Tell everybody I say what's happening
Tell E-Pimp I said shoot me som'in
Tell them boys I said stop flaggin'
Tell my momma that I'm comin' home
Tell the world that it wouldn't be long
Ask my hoes wassup with they phones
Tell 'em I'm away but I ain't gone
I said boo bear what you wanna do
Once you slide, imma follow through
The stand took a nigga up and through it
Lil Dash told me, Kodak don't do it
Tell my son that I love his ass
Tell 'em I can't wait to hug his ass
This for the niggas who got all that time
Now they trying to give them numbers back
A nigga shot my cousin four times
I heard through the wall my brother doubled back
I just bumped into this super jit
I'm hollering at Lil Fam through the vent
I'm letting you know I do this shit for fun
Tell me go then consider it done
Shoutout Petho and my brother blood
My nigga C-Lo he just caught a thug
I'm shooting cee-lo in a nigga ass
They hit a nigga for his whole bag
Tell them boys I said stop crabbing
Send it even if I never asked
I knew I should've told my lil nigga DJ to chill
But I can't tell him shit he doin the same shit that I will
I'm thinking bout how would it be if we ain't get on them pills, if we ain't never chose the streets and picked up the steel
I'm thinkin' bout how would it be if we stayed on the field
Like I ain't even have to rap, 'cause I got other skills
At nights we ran down with them sticks and got them automobiles
And we was jackin' cars and shit 'cause it wasn't hard to steal
Like doin bids and seeing it come, but this the life I live
But I know that this my last one, something gotta give
Seem like God, got me paying for all the shit I did
'Cause I slowed down a while ago, switched up positive
The rough was just enough for a nigga fell in love with the thrill
But before he forgive gotta pay for a steel
And I done did so much of shit that I ain't proud I did
But when I took rappin' serious I threw the towel in
But Lord you say you gon' forgive, so forgive me then
'Cause I done picked the Bible up and read Corinthians
I'm still young and I got a lot to experience
I guess the first time in my life I felt this serious
I gotta lil boy now and I wanna be there for bruh
The feeling he give a nigga I ain't never felt this way before
And you can look into my heart and see that I'm forreal
That I done resulted in a metamorphosis
God, you know my destiny 'cause you gave me this gift
You the one who put this breath in me to make me spit these lyrics
You done gave a nigga a chance to pay my momma bills
You done turned me to a man unlike my daddy is

No this ain't over, I got some more to spit
That was for the real niggas
I got some shit for the hoes

She made me happy, she made me smile
She brought me up, when you let me down
She nothing like you, she different
She nothing like you, she magnificent
She intelligent, she love me better than you
Better than, she love me better than you
She made me happy, she made me smile
She brought me up, when you let me down
Could you hold the title, it come with a life
Could you hold the title, you don't have to lie
Could you hold the title, could you play the role
You can't hold the title, baby let me know
Could you hold the title, could you play the part
Could you hold the title, till death do us part
Could you hold the title, hold a nigga down
Could you hold the title, tryna figure out
Take you out to dinner, stick this dick in your liver
I'm fuckin' your head up I'm playing these mind games witcha
I'ma suck that pussy good, then you ain't gon' hear from a nigga
I'm fuckin your head up with all these extracurriculars
I can fuck Virgin Mary, 'cause the game so unordinary
Had plans on gettin' married til they had me on solitary
You left me here stranded, I'm feelin' abandoned
You got me so hurt right now I need me a bandage
Show you your corner, who gone stay solid and be down for you
When you really want 'em, when you really need 'em
When them people playing with your freedom
When a nigga shit on me one time but I be tryna get even
I'm tryna get equal
I'm iced out riding with that heater
I'm in that Thunderbird, I'm sliding with that Desert Eagle
Tell me who my people, show me where my folks at
Who gon' ride for Kodak?
Who gon' up and shake on me?
Who gon' jump the gate on me
Pillow case that thang on it
In case he tryna lay on me
Changed my address
But karma she know where I stayed on it
But that bitch better come correct she know that I stay on it
I ain't sleeping so forget about coming creepin' late on me
Got the 12 gauge on me
I got the 38 on me
I got the Mac 10 I used to have the baby K on me
I bought a Xbox but ion't play on it
PS4 but ion't play no games on it
The beat over got so much to say on it
My heart cold put a glacier on my wrist

I'm forever abnormal
I know I wrote this shit longer than a average rapper
Ya'know I'm sayin glee
But you got me fucked up
I be damn if you don't let me keep ridin' this shit boy

I'm pulling scams, identity theft
Don't buy my album, 'cause I don't care
I'm pulling scams, identity theft
Don't buy my album, 'cause I don't care
I be damn if I don't find a way to make some cash
I be damn if she come over and she don't get mad
Be damned, I be damn if she think she gon' get a bag
I be damn if you get me and I don't get you back
187 you screw me and you get nailed
I wrote this in the cell, free my niggas who ain't tell
I be damn, I be damn if I go out without the heat
I be damn if I take that nat nat out to eat
Boy you ain't livin' like that you know you ain't in the streets
Even my ho can get whacked, I be strapped when I be sleep
I be damn if you niggas come run up on me
I just called my woo man, told him pray over me
I be damn I be damn if I don't come home in a week
I be damn I be damn thinkin' a young nigga sweet
I be damn if she don't call me soon the molly kick in
I be damn if she don't tell she gon wanna turn up again
Yo bih gave me a key, put me on her lease
I'm standin' at the feast til they bring in me a beast
It's too much weight on my shoulder so don't tell me hold up
Feel my heart gettin' colder turning to a polar
Reppin' Broward County Florida, I'm from out the nolia
Project baby a lil Haitian from the ugly corner

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