Lil Yachty

Tip Toe

Leggi il Testo, scopri il Significato e guarda il Video musicale di Tip Toe di Lil Yachty . “Tip Toe” è una canzone di Lil Yachty. Tip Toe Lyrics.

TESTO - Lil Yachty - Tip Toe


TESTO - Lil Yachty - Tip Toe

Gang, gang on everything

I need that Johnny fucking Dang

From every ring and every chain

I think I need a new whip

I want the finest wood grain

I had to skip that bitch a grade

She gave RD the best brain

Then polished all my new chains

I think I need my wrist watch on bling blang

Earrings on ching chang

College ain't for Yachty but I'm going for my mama's sake

I'ma hit that ho 1Night then you gon' take her on a date

You gonna make sure that she straight

And I make sure my future great

Niggas talking heavy but they easy, bust like stemless grapes

2015, I'ma be eighteen, buying my own estates

2016 RD gonna be fucking hoes down by the lake

Wait did that in 2012

Damn RD you living well

Bitches ain't on me begging, but now I'm on my name ring bells

Linking shit like Zelda, so boy respect your elders

I might be younger physically, but mentally I'm older

And visually I'm colder

And psychologically bolder

I'm back again with backwoods

Hoe roll 'em up

Where were you from throw it up

Cuz all my niggas down to buck

SKT my fucking gang

NAZ my fucking gang

YC that's my fucking gang

Cause Byou let them pistols bang

Peter Piper picked a pepper

RD ran right through your ranch 'cause you ain't real

Niggas drink a little purple and swear to god they so damn trill

Dirty south Titanium grill

Show your bitch who really real

Looking so damn rich you would've thought a nigga hit a heist

Dabbing with all of this white

Looking like a bowl of rice

Flexing hard I'm Jerry Rice, I'm MVP on every night

If I get on I'm living right

Sip dirty Sprite like every night

RIP to A$AP Yams

Money like a bank scam

Counting all my money on a yacht with my bitch Tam

And she came from Alabama, new whip paint on Tropicana

Make it seem like opera

I'm shooting shit like GRA GRA

In love with the big tatas

Su casa, Mi casa

Run in your shit and then take it

Stacking chips like Vegas


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