Bobby Shmurda

This Is Shmurda (Freestyle)

Leggi il Testo, scopri il Significato e guarda il Video musicale di This Is Shmurda (Freestyle) di Bobby Shmurda . “This Is Shmurda (Freestyle)” è una canzone di Bobby Shmurda. This Is Shmurda (Freestyle) Lyrics.

TESTO - Bobby Shmurda - This Is Shmurda (Freestyle)

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TESTO - Bobby Shmurda - This Is Shmurda (Freestyle)


They like Truey why they shoot em?
Niggas killed my nigga Kaine so we had to do em
They like Truey why they shoot em?
Niggas was talkin to the jakes so we had to do em


In an out of drive bys, boy this shit been real
Tell me what you know 'bout wiping shells out the windshield?
Way before Kaine left, boy my shmurders been kill
Way before we joined a gang been the hottest, been real
Everybody know my name, local bitch I been ill
Single shot, .22, spin em like a windmill
Hit a nigga and his bitch, flight em out to (?)
You don't really want it, but my hitters gon be in-field
Real shit, mommy money wasn't 'doin it
So I grabbed some crack, hit the trap and started movin' it
A lotta niggas my age, they ain't know what to do wit it
They was busy playin' in parks, goin to school and shit
I was busy totin that thang, tryna shoot some shit
So every time you hearin my gang, thinkin' ruthlessness
Real shit, we really do this shit, jackin savage whateva these niggas new to it

(Hook x2)
This is Shmurda, this is not music
I had the flow 10 years ago I just didn't abuse it
You niggas forgot how I do it, but I do it like it ain't nothin to it

FREE MY NIGGA ICE, FREE MY NIGGA FAME, FREE GREASY, we ain't do this, run up on niggas

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