Thinkin’ About You

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TESTO - Solange - Thinkin’ About You

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TESTO - Solange - Thinkin’ About You

Thinkin' about you
Where are you?
Cause I need to hear from you now
It's a mystery
Can't help but think
What is happening to you now?
Thinkin' about you
Where are you?
Cause I need to hear from you now
Cause it's a mystery constantly
Thinkin' if you love me
Scooby Dooby Dooby Doo

Where did my baby go?
Boy take that mask off
You used to be all up on me
Now you just trash talk
Split personality
Pullin' 360's
Don't even call me
It's such a mystery
My Scooby Dooby


Bring back my baby so
We can be like old days
I cannot take much more of
You and your silly ways
I'm tryna reach you
But I'm not Ms. Cleo
I thought I knew you
You got my so confused
Scooby Dooby Doo

-Murphy Lee-
You know my 7 digits
You know my address Solo
Come and visit
I'm just keepin' it realistic
I'm young so I'mma kick it
From Atlantic to the Pacific
Forget it, I admit it
Now only leave it to me so
Now listen
Meet me in Oklahoma
We take a private Jet
To West Bahamas
Mami wherever you wanna
Just don't trip
We can dip
Just let me make it legit
Permission slip for permission to slip


-Murphy Lee-
Come on Solo
You know I ain't your average young dude
You know I can go wherever whenever I want to
So if I could stop illusion
Mystery and confusion
Frequent flyer miles
From St.Louis to Houston
I would do it
See most girls be kinda mad
Like Usher I got it bad
So introduce me to Dad
So we can read the sums
Make clothes wit cha moms
Thumbs up like the Fonds
Murphy Lee and Solange
Come on...

Chorus out

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