The Potential

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TESTO - Tyga - The Potential

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TESTO - Tyga - The Potential

I'm Rodney Ramen and I'll be your host this evening. (Hey, don't throw that shit on stage.)
Tonight we got a young gentleman all the way from uhh, Los Angeles
I like the way how that beat just rides...pause
The guy is making his way from Compton, California and uhh, the guy has a lot of swagger
You know, you might have seen him around, maybe never seen him before. But he has definitely got a lot of potential and he is here to show it tonight
Introducing Tyga Tyga

Picture cash baby born how the duffel bag
How to ride a moment don't make my temperature mad (No!)
Flickin' my past admire all the shit that I done had
Thinkin' I'm really reppin' my city without a flag
Carry-ons, earphones, MCM bag
Elderlies mad as we all sitting first class
Look over shoulder laugh, family matter chatting, did I do that?
Imagine Urkel with a little swag
Barely grown and already these bitches gettin' old
Fettichini flow, let my words twist around the folk
Make you eat it like a dyke to a lesbian
Oh, the lady will get it after the show
Oh oh, protection for sexual, ah ah, thought you knew, nigga I'm passive
Proof, and you lookin' broke
Got for your diamonds same color cantaloupe
My life an episode so expect a fucking show

("The potential" is repeated x5 while Tyga speaks)
I remember this one time though when i was like 11, and
Um i use to work with this one producer out here in LA
And he use to make me write shit over and over again
And I would be like damn. Like I use to feel like not
Good enough, like my bars wasn't ready. But it wasn't
That, they just wanted the potential that I had. You
Know what I'm sayin'? So they just like kept making me
Write it over and over and shit, you feel me?

Verse 2

Any minute I could lose the momentum
Lord forgive all my days I have spent sinnin'
Show my momma love, with a key and red ribbon
A freedom writer even niggas up in jail feel him
Pause, my miracle bars will leave your mind in prison
Now what you was thinking can't even think you can you nigga
New Orleans they scream for the beads on cameras
Up in the dorm hours before performance on campus
How could you not be famous? Too much managers can't even manage
Shout out to at money, he do the managing
While I fresh like Irish Spring
Obviously, I'm what the crowd came to see
Tyga not Tyrese
What you can sing, every melody and on a beat
Had the beach water money fold like laundry, honestly
Don't lie to me F
Uck around and write your will right In your drivers seat
Fucking with them G.E.D. boys

So like, years years later they announce to me, that I
Got an opportunity and chance, and it was like, who
Wouldn't like it at first, and I thought all of that
Hard work was going to pay off, but it really didn't
Because people wasn't biting onto it, but I think they
Just knew the potential I had, but they just wanted
Better from me. But thank God for listening

Everybody make some noise. Come on clap it up! The guy
Has potential. I am Rodney and I'll see you next monday

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