Machine Gun Kelly

Tell You Somethin’

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TESTO - Machine Gun Kelly - Tell You Somethin’

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TESTO - Machine Gun Kelly - Tell You Somethin’


Damn, (Peter Parker) 16 not a kushy in the jar take a hit now I'm floathig next to Pluto

Super bad, used to dream one day I'd be a star, Hollywood big screen like Juno

Yeah, so I hopped up out the bed

Said fuck school layed at the crib

And lived every single punchline that I have ever spit

Cause reality to me is behind my eyelids

Gone, and don't mind my ad-libs

A lot of these rappers young but I am that kid

(Kells) That piff, chillin' in the hood, light it up

Now my minds in the heights like where my dad lives

Can't hate though, not at all man

I'm in the stadium and I am not a ball fan(No)

Or a ball player, just freshman with a team, now let me ball hater

(Swish) Leaning, give me my balls hater

Jealousy took over their lives, I'm the cause hater

And the most 10th graders want my autograph paper

Meanwhile my bread comin out the cheese grater(Ha, bitch)

Yeah, I am the greatest

So bad when they need me, they be saying tsk tsk

Boy, I'm raw as this fish in the sea

See me, get off my bitch's dick

At the cornerstore, heavy dog

Pull up in the lot, open doors, see heavy fog

All I needs a brownie, Arizona and a funyon

Plus a hotdog, extra relish got the munchies like a muhfucker

Blaze up till you face up

Got the hardest bars in the game, step your cage up

100 words and runnin', you better lace up

If you can't tell I'm a star, step your knowledge of space up

Uh, Gangsta? Nah I'm fuckin' with ya

All my girls back in Shaker, yo what's up with ya

Up in their blouse, boyfriends couldn't trust me

Couldn's stay in the house because the streets love me

And everyone who hated just mad they couldn't become me

Ain't it crazy I'm celibate when everybody says fuck me

Probably cause they think your boy musty

Stinky rich and the flows ugly like ugh

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