Gucci Mane

Tax Free

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TESTO - Gucci Mane - Tax Free

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TESTO - Gucci Mane - Tax Free

Holiday Season! Ay!

Tax free, tax free

You get your income tax back, call me

I got dope nigga, you better call me

I need all mine

All tax free

I beat the dope up

Like a step-child

Yeah, the dope's stepped on

Like a step-child

Take a step back

Off the reptile

Yellow crocodile with a gold smile

I move the dope twice, like a kindergartner

Big bag of collard greens

Like I'm the gardener

That Drumma Boy on the track

Run and tell em that

Give this to DJ Drama, tell him

I say run it back

Don't try running off on me

Cause I'mma get you back

You know EA, don't know how to act

I'm taking hits, I"m talking shit

I coach the Squad, I make em blitz

I robbed the connect and ain't been broke since

It's the return of Mr. Zone 6

I'm talking shit. Cash shit

I got them bricks

It's the return of Mr. Zone 6, I hit a lick

Tax me? Tax me? Nigga

You can't tax me, I get it dirt cheap

Tax me? Tax me? Nigga

You can't tax me, I get it dirt cheap

You know me, shipping OG

I know the middleman, but he don't know me

Trophies in my car garage

I brought ? for all my fuckin entourage

That murder charge? I beat that!

That pistol charge? I defeat that

Assult with poolstick

Say I commit that

They label me "convict" I don't accept that

Step back like a step-child

The dope's stepped on

My hood the X Files

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