Leggi il Testo, scopri il Significato e guarda il Video musicale di Take Charge di Bone Thugs-N-Harmony contenuta nell'album Lost Archives, Vol. 1. “Take Charge” è una canzone di Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. Take Charge Lyrics.

TESTO - Bone Thugs-N-Harmony - Take Charge


TESTO - Bone Thugs-N-Harmony - Take Charge

Bizz Bone:
Mmmm Mmm Yeah
It's the original Buddah Lovaz
Thank God Thank God Thank God
It's that original buddah lovaz bomb shit baby (for the message)
Thank God Thank God
Please Believe it
Bone Thugs in muthafuckin' harmony you muthafucka
Thank God for the message the love the faith
Take charge of your life

Thank God for the message, the love, the faith
Take charge of your life
Say word, Homie I don't be acting right
Me neither me neither me neither

Did I do it to ya'll Know that I'm with it
I did anything perhaps in it to take it back
Hustling little nigga with cash
But know we grind a little harder
? and all this shit, It was hard for me momma
Momma don't drop it ?

And Heaven was right behind ya
Casey that's my little sister
My father loves you like the only child, funny hes's never seen Pops smile
But I'm wrong now?

It woulda been better if you would have raised me but oh

I wanna move out of this country get away from mother fuckers
Nine millimeter heater Krayzie Bone
I was so happy to see him up out of prison up at the phone
And Imma let one more in the sky on three
I got my little nigga Layzie Bone Flesh-n-Bone
Flesh in deed Wish

Sometimes struggling hustling juggling the game
Tying to keep from trouble sin
Will i let this evil darkness in no no no I won't let em win
I'm a real nigga thorough nigga
Traveling around the world witchu'
No stress no gain no pain
You get the picture
If everyone was moving man, It wouldn't really be about action
Tell me whats happening, Imma be that thug that's out here keeping it cracking
Throwing up thug love on the real my city with me
And Cleveland is the city where we come from still
I got on my feet ?

In the dark lost and lonely you tripping
Better get it straight before it's too late
It's a new day, So damn slipping

Nigga I've been through hell and back
But I got these demons still after me they want me to sell my soul
But I won't fold oh noooo
I can't be broke I still a souljah boy
And my state of awareness some call it paranoid, whatever
Popo tapping my phone, bitches after my dough
Niggas plotting to kill me for a ho I didn't know
It's so scandalous ?

Temptation got my back against the wall, My God so I'm swinging
Steady dropping bombs on these demons that keep screaming
And my dreams they causing me harm and me I'm seeing
Walking in the rain, buzzing off the pain
Trying to get away, but no I really can't get out this game
I got my problems but I chose this life I gotta be a thug and maintain

? Tripping got me laughing at ya'll
So what you gonna do is really on you
You know it ain't really that hard
Got me screaming hay DJ will you play that song
Asking the dipping ya'll tripping when ?
And ya'll know

We do this for a living even if we don't get paid
We still be out here tripping cuz thats the thug way
And if u got a probelem i suggest you walk on
Money money money is all I really own
Scandalous, rough and rugged, is how I like it
Nine millimeter talking and you don't wanna try it
See that's is how a thug gets down (you heard, you heard)
Act like you know when you come around

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