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TESTO - Lil Wayne - Switch

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TESTO - Lil Wayne - Switch

Lil Wayne:
Um why your boyfriend acting like Secret Service?
Cause I'ma get you by yourself and get that super service
You know I balls out, purchase without a purpose, I do you good then I'm Audi like four circles
Now she should change her name to Mrs. Wayne
Cause she say every time I'm gone she miss Wayne
But she has a better man at home, but she say I'm better than her man at home
I understand, and I like the way you look when you walk

Cause you switch like the sand and the hook and hope you mean err thing you saying in the hook
Cause I'll steal your heart and show your man what I took
Switch it up like a old 64 when it sit real high and when it get down low
Wanna switch it up like a model on a runway, bout to make a good change 2x

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