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Leggi il Testo, scopri il Significato e guarda il Video musicale di Sunlight di Wu-Tang Clan contenuta nell'album 8 Diagrams. “Sunlight” è una canzone di Wu-Tang Clan. Sunlight Lyrics.

TESTO - Wu-Tang Clan - Sunlight


TESTO - Wu-Tang Clan - Sunlight

The heart is the general, the eyes are the scouts
The fists are the arrows, the body is the bow
All movements have to be....

It's phat, man, it's phat, man

I'm the 7 in the center of the sun, I keep shining
My inner light would turn my baby's tear drop to small diamonds
That be twinkling, while my love be sprinkling
We stay young while your old wicked faces be wrinkling
Allah's the most gracious, he made the universe the most spacious
Seen and heard in all places, but still appear faceless
Embraces all races, all caste and all cases
In every spec of life he's the substance of all traces

The answer to all questions, the spark of all suggestions
Of righteousness, the pathway to the road of perfection
Who gives you all and never ask more of you
The faithful companion that fights every war with you
Before the mortal view of the prehistorical, historical
He's the all and all, you searching for the oracle
A mission impossible, purely philosophical
But you call him on your death bed when you laying in the hospital

And as you play all day like the grasshopper who work and toil
Like armies of ants carrying stones of soil
Building a home for themselves and storing food
At night we praise Allah and adore the moon
In sync like the flow of the Nile, the growth of a child
Only fearing God, we great a ghost with a smile
That which is spirit is spirit, which is flesh is flesh
Meaning life has no partnership with death

Yo, I've been highly misunderstood by those who met us
They had ears of corn and heads of lettuce
Mentally dead, essentially led
By the false teachings, and eventually pledge
Their allegiance, to that which was against them
And exempt them from the truth
Then juiced them and pimped them
To give it in tithes, so the church can rise
While their babies home hungry covered with flies
Bzzzz, trying to harness the wind
Allah's the father from without and within
On Christ return, who will announce him?
Every tree is numbered, but who can count them?
The name of all things on this world, who can pronounce them?
Allah's the father of all, why do you doubt him?

The heart is the general, the eyes are the scouts
The fists are the arrow, the body is the bow
All movements have to be natural
The wrist must be strong and the fingers powerful
Fast, high kicks, a good firm stance
Avoid the enemy's strong points...
Eagle's Claw!

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