Tech N9ne

Strangeulation Cypher (All Parts)

Leggi il Testo, scopri il Significato e guarda il Video musicale di Strangeulation Cypher (All Parts) di Tech N9ne . “Strangeulation Cypher (All Parts)” è una canzone di Tech N9ne. Strangeulation Cypher (All Parts) Lyrics.

TESTO - Tech N9ne - Strangeulation Cypher (All Parts)


TESTO - Tech N9ne - Strangeulation Cypher (All Parts)

Hmm…Tech N9ne!

Smashes, the masses

But the industry’s hatin’ asses

Strange days, when your favorite rapper’s poppin’

But is he on top is something you can’t gauge?

Especially when he’s toppin’ the charts

And you see me, K. Lamar, and Macklemore sharing the same stage

I’m the nigga all these artists look up to

Yet for Tech it’s been the hardest to bust through

But I keep my fans fiendin’ like clucks do

You don’t like how we live it, well…

I dominate, your conglomerate Wanna beating?

I can accommodate It’ll be a non-debate, coming up against Aaron the Great

So many got arms, legs and necks tatted

Strange Cause music, show, conceptually I’m the best at it

Let’s have it for all of these Tech addicts

Any disrespect to family will get your chest gatted

Aimin’ at ’em and its agony

Burner blew his brain and back and these

Cannons came and caved in cavity, caliber connect, cap it

Yo, there it go, red is in my head it grow

Headed fo’, lead and deaded, yeah the medic said it so

Let it grow, shred it and get no credits, so pathetic though

Dread embedded steppin; in heaven’s crevice, wet and edible

Give her the shivers when I deliver this

Hit her then quit her cause she’s on Twitter shit

And when she compare me to Eminem

I said I’m different She said “How?” I said I’m black and I can say 'nigga' bitch!

To him I may just be another bro with a flow

We’ll probably never tour cause it’ll be thousands of Juggalos at his show

And I heard fatalities happen on each side, so that’s never no let it go

So I get it, I keep what I’m makin’ incredible, all of them scared of a negro

Strangeulation, this occupation so scandalous

We stop the hatin’, no chances

When I rock the nation so Danzig

I’m killing all these niggas, Operation Code Kansas

Strange gang plain triggered assassins

Got a bunch of untamed aimed trained spitters a’ blastin’

My insane brain sayin’ give up the rappin’

And go back to the gang bang thang, nigga what’s happenin’, soo-woo


Prayin’ that 12:12 for hell Felon to sell and slept on a bed of nails Like nothing I’ve ever felt

Ghost in a shell, was molded with other demons

As if I needed some help Or a host to preserve the heathen

Got it, my brain is rotted

I swear to God that I’m not it I’m set to go to the gallow as soon as the rope is knotted I ain’t high as the fire and I have unused adrenaline

Came in the cypher clean, still smelling like putrid cinnamon Then I’m in, enemy of the state, I’m straight at an angle

Stop risking and quit your bitchin’, it ain’t like I’m raping an Angel Said I was magnifique, ya’ll fuckin’ with it, capiche?

Now the safest you woulda thought with a devil under your feet

They throw a shot and then sit back and wait for some reaction

Ain’t nothing to it but to do it; i’m a mummy rappin

So get to clappin or dissin the clan you’re hatin

Listen the man is Jason and this is the Strangeulation

Stevie Stone I’m on it I’m so clever

Nobody comparing ’em better I put shit together

America’s most elaborated rap pick yo head up

Small talkin’ to get you wet up Yeah

I’m will to kill all you niggas

The feelin’, adrenaline that’ll spillin’ a milli yeah I mill’ all you niggas

Ain’t even reach out they climax rather my sillin’ on niggas

And backin’ a back on back can’t billy you niggas

Get busy on niggas This ain’t no random some leekage

Stonie in the building the bitches pull out their cleavage

The snake and the bat you see them prominent features

The spieces Strangeland we rain on your region

Meatwagon I come I be taggin’ ’em

Baggin’ ’em bring ’em clusters of three

Got three magnums gaggin’ em out

You pussies is still talkin’ I’m draggin’ ’em out

I’m tappin’ ’em out

Aww shit, they fucked around and signed a backpacker

Smart, rich, handsome, plus he’s not a bad rapper

I’m just a little local talent that fucked around and made it big Underground bully, pickin’ on all these famous kids

And the danger is, now I’m doin’ Stranger biz

About to make the world forget about what a major is Independent Powerhouse, running all these cowards out

My enemies are all forgotten, wishin’ I would shout em out And I don’t want to hear a rapper harmonize unless

He's thuggish, ruggish, Lazy, Krayzie, Bizzy, Wish or Flesh

But maybe I’m just hatin’ cuz my black ass could never sing Fuck that autotune I hope the Futures filled with better things And you a fucking liar! If you say you found a better team Impossible! Like trying to fit my dick inside my wedding ring And all the bread it brings will be distributed and properly

I represent for hip hop not some fucking aristocracy

Wrapped in XLR cables Up from my whiskers, down to my fuckin’ kicks

Wreck-O was echoed in Gordon Geckos You suckin’ dick Nobody be askin’ me for secrets I ain’t chuckin’ tips I’d rather be bumpin’ hips

On that ratchet with muffin tits Tore up the limits

From Britan visions would rock their lives

Inside a prison where giddy bitches don’t jock the rhyme

Born in precision on rhythm spittin’ could swat a fly

For them to just kick a single shillings from Spotify

Bye, Bye killers On a high five business

Gonna ride by the sickest In your high ride to the hitlist

If we ain’t spoke in ages

Then miss me with broken favors, you Miley Cyrus teenagers

You twerkin’ on swollen razors (run now)

Don't make me come to dinner nail your tongue down

And have you plead your case to us

At Strangeland at sundown Be careful of the biz

Cause everything has got a price attached

Wake up with a horse head in your bed

And next your life is snatched

Tank full of petrol Bank full of pesos

Pool on my tour bus Bonus on a payroll

Feel like I be killin’ it Famous on the internet

Really I’m just wingin’ it Cookin’ shit on my Kitchenett

Life so good Right now I need to celebrate

Bout to sell a stadium out And turn it into rave

Look at how the industry norm Has started lookin’ Strange

All my brothers riding the storm While they just ride the waves Caviar wishes Bitches for my bitches

Black shades and hoodies And spots and white linens

Feel like Sam Kinison Preachin’ to these citizens

Screamin’ at the saints You ain’t ever gonna get rid of us Guessin’ that I just cleaned my plate So now I’m gettin’ cake Speedin’ down the interstate Yellin’ get out the fuckin’ way

We plant flags in the ground Because we here to stay

And bring my whole hood out And have my own parade

(Black Gold!)

I purposely wrote this verse Just to murder, dismember, defecate

Disassemble the limbs Of a nigga who try and separate Artistry from nonfiction Im sent with a conviction

To sentence you pons Givin’ the benz on my diction

There he goes Speakin’ bout how he murk a beat

Smellin’ himself Why else would he flaunt about it so verbally Dance around me Like I was a paraplegic

In a do-si-do competition

Lookin pissed like I never heard of feet

Yadda Yadda A whole lotta yappin’

About my rappin’ When I’m the captain Of crunchin’ you niggas milky dreams Im the comparison of Pac’s face Staring in your face Mock razor blades cut Leave you crispy clean

Don’t ask Tech Ask me if it’s questions Guarantee that he tell you

That I’m the best And Im destined To find a snake and a bat Helpin’ Kansas City’s progression Hopin’ I hurt the feelings Of whoever second guessed it Cause everybody talkin’

Imma make you niggas hear me

Mind control flow Now: listen till your ears bleed

Spit it sicker than these sycophants

Keep your dick up in your pants

You were blunted on the block

Me? I had some different plans

I’m trying to get to France

Sniffing grams

Hit a branch

Independent Powerhouse

Vibin' out with the fans

Waking up in different cities Every night

Getting grands

Stay prepared for this

I’m bearing witness to this sinner man

Stripper dance with cinnamon

Clubbin’ with my gentlemen

Drink away the nights events

Nothing worth remembering

Squad will run up in this bitch

Mobbin’ like some immigrants

Jack you for your paper stack

Rob you of your innocence

Taping of the scene of crimes

Swabbing for my fingerprints

Thought about my life

You thought the same And couldn’t think of shit

(Ha!) This type of fire dont extinguish

Now write about some bigger shit

You’re striking out

Swing and miss

Ring around the Rosie, homie

Pocket full of pain

Keep a lock up on my lane

And triple optic in my brain, look

My brain is full of thoughts that are darker than Samhain

That span across the Great Lakes and vast Midwest Plains Spreading coast to coast like a virus you can’t contain

Now a global pandemic, panic courtesy of (STRANGE!)

The biggest independent label pop the champagne

We don’t need no head now, homie you can keep the change Coming through your speakers, receive us into your blood vein We the truth like Nostradamus’ prophecy quatrains Snake Bat, Praise that, part of rap since way back

Since the days of 8 tracks and 808’s and adats

Analog cassette decks, steady grinding, what’s next?

Starving artist ’til Trav and Tech cut me that advanced check Strange outcast step child, call me Damien

Five Finger Death Punch straight to the cranium

Flow so sick, could be enriched with uranium Extraterrestrial, lyrics labeled alien

KALI BABY! ‘Ight man Ima do this!

I’m kinda nervous The purpose of having a cypher is so you can sit here wide-eyed Listen look at me in this position

Now I coulda just left you sitting there

But Nina told me to pick ’em apart you’re a victim of art

K-R-I to the double crooked, look at him he pudgy like they Took an ugly stick and frickin’ shook at him, (OKAY)

And I don’t stay gucci down to the linens I’ll let you trick off, she jerking my dick off and grinnin’

You can see him, but he just a figment

You wanna be him, better get your pigment gone

Try to beat him with deliverin’, I get belligerent

And that’s the end of the song

And I get a little bit ahead of myself

Feel like I’ma melt, and I feel like I’m better than everyone else I guess I be rappin’ ahead of my wealth

I’m the coldest thing since the ice cube

Only thing missing from this beat back in the day was Ice Cube (OKAY)

Yeah I said I’m the best and I meant it , Nigga what?

Only niggas that could contest it is rested, dig em up!

(Okay! Hahaha whatever nigga.)


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