R. Kelly

So Sexy

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TESTO - R. Kelly - So Sexy


TESTO - R. Kelly - So Sexy

Uh, uh (uh-huh) uh

Yeah, this is for all the sexy ladies out there

Uh, walkin' around downtown

Shoppin' at the malls, yeah

I see you in your sexy jeans

Manicure, pedicure mamis

Your hair is good, yeah, I see you

Ladies! (You're, so, sexy) so sexy

(Perfect, for, me) And I like you

(You're, so, sexy) so sexy

(Perfect, for, me) and this is for

My ladies that be steady sippin' Cris'

Always lookin' nice, put some ice on they belly or they wrist

Girls that be thick off in they thigh, I wanna kick it in the Chi

They gon' be fuckin' with some Kelly and the Twist'

Baby now look, model girls, Gucci and Prada girls

And all the ghetto divas in the hood

Women that be steady stackin' ends

Rollin Lexus or Benz with rims and know how to keep it lookin' good

Go on witcha fine thick ass

Somebody gon' snatch you so I gotta make you mine quick fast

See I come and pass, I don't really wanna wonder

So I gotta put her numbers on my sidekick fast

Rollin witcha mob workin' hard, gettin' money, pullin' capers

If I ain't got papers you will bring me some beans home

Supervisor givin' orders on the job

But you still lookin' good with them skin-tight jeans on

Lookin' hot in them heels, I think I want that

Come and back it up to the bottom of my throwback

With you rollin' yo' rims lookin' like a Kodak

Watch I drive I wanna smoke, she will roll that

Miss mobstress rollin' with the hardest

Holdin' it down like a female Joe Pesci

And I wanna make her a made woman

And I hope she gon' let me, cause she looks so sexy

Oh! And this is for them girls that be wantin', dutty

And this is for them girls that be lovin', dutty

And this is for them girls that be ridin', dutty

The ones that like to keep the D up inside 'em now

So many girls off up in the mall boy a nigga be in the club (oh!)

Soon as one of them walk by me and I be like, "Yo whats up?"

All the shrimp and lobster honeys, downtown shoppin' honeys

Stayin' on the grind, gotcha own car and crib honeys

Dro puffers, Remi sippers, V.I.P. real honeys

No dummies, takin' no shit from a nigga that's full of shit honeys

Me and my clique was, rollin' thick on 24's on a dirty lick

Met a chick, lookin' fine and her measures was

36-24-36, come here shorty

Ain't no reason to be scared of us

Lovin' how you do your own thang

And how you smokin' on your own flame

Lookin' finer than a girl that be groovin' on Soul Train

I try to to hit her with some cold game

I hope she, feel me, try to holla at a shorty

Get a better vibe wit her while I'm sippin' on my, Henny

I wanna kiss her on her body

But I gotta make her holla while I'm givin' her, dutty

Gotta really love a girl

They know to kick it but she know she gotta make that, money

Goin' shoppin' for the minks and the leather

But come back and bounce that ass, for me

My East coast girls, that's what's up

Tell my South side shorties we can get it crunk

My Cali girl make it bounce like a six-fo'

My Chi girl bust down, make it straight buck

When I see up all the girls that get down for hers

I gotta get up wit her if she gon' let me

Career woman with some goals, fuck the broke-ass hoes

Baby girl cause you look so sexy


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