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TESTO - Yo Gotti - Single


TESTO - Yo Gotti - Single

Say I need a single, so here ya go

Nigga say he need a single I told em 24

She ask me am I single, I told her damn right

Yeah she got a man but she single for the night

Single, single, single, single, single uh uh oh oh oh oh

She single for the night

Single, single, single, single, single uh uh oh oh oh oh

I'm single for the night

Trap talk, homie say he wanna single

Hood nigga, hit my bong and a can of pringles

I get paid to hit the club I don't come to mingle

How you let a nigga kill you on ya own single?

Hit a single button and my whole top gone

Hit my plug up and put my whole block on

40 Glock on 32 shots strong, 70 bands 100 carats, one watch on

I'm single. 10 carats on my finger, looking for a thick bad bitch like Trina

She committed but still let me hit it, if it's bout a single dollar then you know that I'm with it

Sell em by the single but I buy em by the pairs

Talkin squares all white like some Nike Airs

Single horse on the car, couple hundred grand

Single pots, single stove, single wedding bands

Yeah I'm married to the game what you know about it

Young, fly, rich nigga ask ya ho about it

4 singles in a split, pair of red bottoms

Yeah we rock'em like they Jordans, whole squad got'em

Single, dope boy announcement, standin on the couches, middle finger to the bouncers

I am, like Queen Latifa. I'm out here living single, ask about me in the hood I got more stripes than the Bengals


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