Side Pieces

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TESTO - Drake - Side Pieces


TESTO - Drake - Side Pieces

Side pieces

I know that you're watching this from home

I can't wait to see you on the road

Cheering from the shadows I hear you calling out

Wifey sees a text and asks what's this all about

I tell her you're just a friend

A lot of these guys are dying for this song to end

I'm asking would you be mine

Would you get on this flight to Cleveland, Ohio at 2:45

I had a rough game I took two shots I was 0 for 2

Tough day I need that one thing only you can do

Skylar this is the one thing that I'd be for you

This goes out to all my side pieces

Side pieces, side pieces

This goes out to all my side pieces

You know that you'll never be the main one

City to city I see you we're in the same one

Side pieces, side

Los Angeles I want you to make some noise for the real king of side pieces Brian Mc
Knight one time

This is dedicated to all of the side pieces

I know you'll never be more

And you'll always be less

But there's comfort in knowing that you're okay being second best

I already got a starter but I'm looking for the rest of my team

Side pieces in training go on and wave your hands for Drake and me

(Don't be embarrassed)

Side pieces where you at?

(Probably in the top balcony)

I know you're not down here in front of us you got to be way back in the back

(They can't even see us)

Side pieces go on and be, side pieces yeah

Side pieces

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