She Swallowed It

Leggi il Testo, scopri il Significato e guarda il Video musicale di She Swallowed It di N.W.A contenuta nell'album Efil4zaggin. “She Swallowed It” è una canzone di N.W.A. She Swallowed It Lyrics.

TESTO - N.W.A - She Swallowed It

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TESTO - N.W.A - She Swallowed It

Lesson 2 : Gently place the balls into the mouth and

Get it all baby
Get it all baby
Get it all baby
(What you want me to do with it?)
Don't matter just don't bite it
("She swallowed it")
Suck this dick for daddy
("She swallowed it")
Juicin' at the lips
("She swallowed it")
It's the world's biggest dick
(What do you want me to do with it?)
Don't matter just don't bite it

Slow is the tempo - now talkin' but a nympho
So peep it out here goes the info
This is a bitch that did the whole crew
She get it so much we make bets on who the ho would love to go through
And for the shit that she does, give her a drum roll
Because the dumb bitch licks out the asshole
And she'll let you videotape her
And if you got a gang of niggas, the bitch would let you rape her
She likes suckin' on dicks, and lickin' up nut
And they even take the broomstick up the butt
Just to say that she did it with a rapper
But the pussy was more fishy than red snapper
"But how many licks would it take," she asks
"To make MC Ren start gooshin' up vanilla shakes?"
She took her tongue out her mouth, put it on top
Like a cherry, started movin' it like a snake and it was very irresistable
I couldn't pay the bitch to quit
Cuz the ho' was doin' some ol' crazy shit
That made me start havin' a fit'
Cuz the bitch sucked a hellified dick

Now one night I was at a drive-in
And a car full of niggas straight drove in
I thought they wuz commin' to start trouble but no
Five niggas in the bucket with the neighborhood ho'
Now what do you expect they're gonna dogg her like a doggy
Thirty minutes later and the windowz all were foggy
And I'm off in my car havin' a fit cuz the bitch that I'm with
Said no fuckin' on the first date, shit
And I'm like Damn! I wish I was in the bucket
To be the sixth nigga with the ho' and I can fuck it
So I told the bitch I was with that I'm goin' to the snack bar
And got the fuck out the car
Went to the bucket and I looked through the window
It was some niggas that I knew they let me in yo
And my turn was like next
I couldn't see her face, all I saw was her pussy and her chest
I wanted to see the face, I felt I oughtta
Peep over the seat, Oh shit! It's the preacher's daughter!
And she's only 14 and a ho'
But the bitch sucks dick like a specialized pro
She looked at me, I was surprised
But wasn't passin' up the chance of my dick gettin' baptized
I told the bitch to do it quick
You little ho' hurry up and suck my dick!

Now I'm a break it down with a fact
Since the last "Just don't bite it" girls don't know how to act
Sayin' that they never would suck a dick
But when they've tried it they couldn't quit
Cuz ninety percent of the bitches today they love that shit
And those are the main ones that say they don't do it
But MC Ren knows the bitches are used to it
So fellas, next time they try to tell a lie
That they never suck a dick, punch a bitch in the eye
And then the ho' will fall to the ground
Then you'll open up her mouth
Put your dick in and move the shit around
And she'll catch on and start doin' it on her own
Actin' like she's tryin' to suck the meat off a chicken bone
And then she won't let go
Because bitches suck nut out of a dick just like Drano
Get the last drop, unclogging the pipe
Then the stupid bitch is out doing that same shit the next night
Because she just can't quit
Cuz she's addicted, addicted, she's addicted, addicted
She's addicted to suck a good dick

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