The Rolling Stones

Send It to Me

Leggi il Testo, scopri il Significato e guarda il Video musicale di Send It to Me di The Rolling Stones . “Send It to Me” è una canzone di The Rolling Stones. Send It to Me Lyrics.

TESTO - The Rolling Stones - Send It to Me


TESTO - The Rolling Stones - Send It to Me

Oh, I think I had enough

You know religion is tough

It's a state of mind

I don't need it!

Sending a letter

To my mother

I need some loving

Send it to me

I lost my lover

Unfaithful lover

I need some money

Send it to me

I need consoling

Your boy's feeling lonely

Describe her for me

Send it to me

Send it to me

If she can't travel

I can take the mule train

I can take the aeroplane

Send it to me

Today I'm begging you

Begging you, down on my knees

Baby please, please please

You, you, got to send it, send it, send it

Yeah, I'm sending in a letter

To my sister

In Australia

Sister it reads

Ain't you got no daughter

No second cousin

That needs my loving?

Send it to me

She won't have to wash or scrape

She won't have to relocate

I guarantee her personal security

She doesn't have to be five foot ten

Or blonde or brunette

She doesn't have to be no social hostess

Send her

She may work in a factory

Right next door to me

In my fantasy

She could be Romanian

She could be Bulgarian

She could be Albanian

She could be Hungarian

She might be Ukrainian

She could be Australian

She could be the Alien


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