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TESTO - Lil Yachty - SAATS

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TESTO - Lil Yachty - SAATS

Bought a new bitch
And she white like work
If a nigga talking down
I got D Wade under my shirt
Monster truck rims on the Chevy
Got me up now
Water diamonds dancing in my chain
She wanna fuck now

Only time I drink soda
When I drink lean
Only time I'm geeking off
Is when I pop a bean
A nigga fuck with K $upreme
Then he fucking with me
Told these niggas not to trust me
I'm always gon' scheme
See that 32 is gon' stack
Put it in my backpack and watch it double up
Young RD from the 6 buckin on any nigga, I don’t give a fuck
Dumb dumb like a tow truck
On your gang gang, that’s an e-crash
Nigga want static that’s a e smash
Nigga’s not really stacking up the cash
I been livin' life low sippin Barney tear
I can’t wait to move out so I can pierce my ears
Put them rocks on my shit, got me look like first
I done talked to niggas once, It’s time to remember
I done dropped a couple hundreds just for my shirt
Nigga’s name not Ferg but I put in work
Pullin' off in a beam, make em skrt skrt skrt
Bitches all up on my dick, that shit’s startin' to hurt
I been workin' all night so my mom won’t hurt
Chopper chopper make em jump like he praisin' the church
Man, I pray a fuck nigga step up on my turf
Bitch It’s Young RD and I’m balling like Dirk

Yeah It’s Young RD
Shout out to them – shout out to them niggas at

Niggas that got me fucked up all the way up
They thinkin' a nigga ain’t got shmoney
You know what I’m sayin, You feel me?
Niggas thinkin' a nigga ain’t got shmoney ya digg?
That nigga got me fucked up
On the four on four to the two on two
You smell that

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