Snoop Dogg

Run Up On Us

Leggi il Testo, scopri il Significato e guarda il Video musicale di Run Up On Us di Snoop Dogg . “Run Up On Us” è una canzone di Snoop Dogg. Run Up On Us Lyrics.

TESTO - Snoop Dogg - Run Up On Us


TESTO - Snoop Dogg - Run Up On Us

You got beef then go and run on up

We ain't worried about nothing

Half of y'all doing nothing but nothing

You got beef then go and run on up

We ain't worried about nothing

Half of y'all doing nothing but talking

Ain't it man?

I'm strictly to street with it, listen to me

They speak it but we did it, they hated on my "Ghetto Village"

But if Stevie can see it, it must mean that I'm real with it

Corporate America gotta deal with it

I'm riding this 'til the finish line

213 still in this 'til they give me mine

Rewind the show and watch the movie

I'm mad as fuck I let this industry use me

I'm a low-key OG which is well known

Snoop Alfons Capone Corleone

In the streets with the elite my rap sheet is hella long

Let it go, naw let it 'lone

You wanna battle when the shadows are creapin'

And if you talking about beef then nigga ain't no sleepin'

The hood ain't got no Geneva either

If you run off at the mouth then I'm gonna leave you breathe-less

Breathless, chestless, best list' ya bastard

Looking at my homies like you wanna slide past them and get with me

Need I warn you I'm from Dogg House motherfucking California

Now if you want it like you think you do

We can set up a head up and I bank ya boo

Don't underestimate, a lot of suckers player-hate

They know about the big D-O-double, Warren G and Nate

Too much talking shit

Let's get down to this list

If you got beef go and run up

I'ma bust him in his lip

I'm gonna shoot through that dude vest

Shut the fuck up and run run up


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