Leggi il Testo, scopri il Significato e guarda il Video musicale di Ronins di Method Man contenuta nell'album Meth Lab Season 2: The Lithium. “Ronins” è una canzone di Method Man. Ronins Lyrics.

TESTO - Method Man - Ronins


TESTO - Method Man - Ronins

Come on


Meth, where you at?

My flow? Everlastin'

My lines? Never lackin'

Even on Christmas Eve, I out rhyme whoever rappin'

Slime, shoulda tapped in (Uh)

But he blind to the facts and, um

What the album, track one

Time for some action (Haa)

Past time for the last time I rhymed in this fashion

True Religion, he never thought he'd die in his fashion

But I got time today, if you dyin' then ask him (Uh huh)

Bars, forensic science, that's if you tryna catch 'em

Lord, I think I'm over it, I ain't over here actin'

I say it over and over, I ain't overreactin' (Woo)

What you picture is death, I'm just closin' the caption

Who knows if I'ma blow, I just got my nose in a napkin (Choo)

Super Saiyan, technically, I'm electrifyin'

To be specific, what I specifically specifyin'

See that's progression and I'm especially rectifyin'

Any confessions, I don't expect to be testifyin'

So pure now, killa, ain't nothin' gon' move

Meth Lab's back (We're back!), pardon the goons

Back in the kitchen with it smellin' of fumes (Smell it!)

Charged water, hard crack wit' a spoon

Staten Island, straight up, fuck the platoons (Fuck 'em!)

Heard the meth heads callin' you

Meanwhile it's mumble rappers soundin' kinda foreign (Soundin' foreign!)

Find 'em pressed with Molly, tourin'

The man deplorin', nah, we never go live

We either gettin' live, edit that (Edit that!)

Protectin' our guys, get it?

Y'all talk about it while we live it

Y'all live stream and think you litted

Ain't seen a face to face in a minute (Nope)

Call 'em exquisite, come and crumble your waves

I got that lithium for days

Homie, sharpenin' blades, yuh

It's Mr. Parker, he get sharper wit' age

Be at your door with the beard, I ain't talkin' no raids, fuckers

Black mufflers got the cowards afraid

We make the situation grave

We'll better dismantle your trades, nigga

This is no glove hittin' the bar, bill open hand, callous slap

Rough, ashy knuckles spark, split your face rap

The quick loose your tooth jab, the fifty two clap

A hunnid rounds backin' 'em down, the house trapped (Uh)

We still keep a bat in the back, the the bone crack (Uh)

Still spittin' actual facts for bank stacks

Cue ball in the sock from the pool rack, snap his neck back

Every time I think I'm out, I get pulled back

It's like I relapse and catch a flashback

I took the contract to kill an emcee (Uh) so masterfully

So who better than me since '93

Get you tied to a tree as a target if you wanna be

Yo, I'm a old young nigga (Uh huh), I do it for sure (What?)

White Filas, white fitted cherry velour (Uh)

I keep hunnies on my side like Al B. Sure (Come on)

I throw my chain in the crowd when you see me on tour (Yeah)

I'm at The Meth Lab re'in-up, I'm ready to score (Get it)

Hanz On, Methical, Cappadonna, it's hardcore (Huh)

This ain't a gang sign, naw, homie, it's war (Yeah)

Fatigue Timberlands on, camouflage door

Sniper team on deck, enemies abort (B-r-r-r-ap)

Staten Island, New York

Homicide Hillary (Uh huh)

The Black X six, heavy artillery (Soo)

I'm laughin' at y'all, you rappers is killin' me

Pop your wardrobe (Uh), yeah, I do it for love

In my block, homie, yeah (What?), they do it for slugs

Smacks hands with the homeboy, show that thug (Come on)

And never pop nothin' if you can't look 'em in the mug (Homicide)


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