Reebok (Interlude)

Leggi il Testo, scopri il Significato e guarda il Video musicale di Reebok (Interlude) di JAY-Z . “Reebok (Interlude)” è una canzone di JAY-Z. Reebok (Interlude) Lyrics.

TESTO - JAY-Z - Reebok (Interlude)


TESTO - JAY-Z - Reebok (Interlude)

Man, I told y'all I was finna blow like C-4

Stunt in the G5, fly in the G-IV

G-Unit footwear, G apparel

I'm so hood

That blue and that white looks so good

Hip-hop man, we gon' take it to the next level

Kicks match that hat and that throwback

Kicks stay color coordinated, man, you know that

Truth is, I ain't got a jump shot, but I got a left hook

I don't swing golf clubs, but I sell like Garth Brooks

I'm hot man, I rock Reeboks, man

If it ain't the G-Unit, it's the S Dot, man

S Dot's taking off, G-IV's about to land

See how we cross brand

We boss about it, man

Got the sole of the old Guccis, if you upset sue me

If not sit back and watch me do me

Parking lot pimpin', sideline ballers

We don't sweat up the fresh, let the girls do it for us

The watch talk for me, drop talk for he

Brand new S Dots, walk with me

Sort of like you just scored a bucket

You bowlegged, you frontin', you walkin' awkwardly

Ho, it's nothing keep score with me

Give me three hot seconds

I'll break Reebok records


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