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TESTO - Bone Thugs-N-Harmony - Rebirth


TESTO - Bone Thugs-N-Harmony - Rebirth

+ (Krayzie)
Everybody wanna sound like, sound like, sound like Bone Bone Bone
Everybody wanna rap like, rap like, rap like Bone Bone Bone
As we continue to pick up the pieces they follow us kings 'til the (sundown)
Deadly issues of telekinesis, better show love or (lay down)

Hold down, welcome to the showdown (showdown)
I think it's 'bout time Lil' Layzie let 'em know now
Take it to the streets and let the pump-pump go pow
Take my style, let me show you how I go wild
Now you playin with a fully grown man
With a fully blown plan and a fully loaded clip
I'mma go up in your shit, I don't play with little kids
I'll spank that ass, boy you know who we is? (Bone Bone)
My homies the greatest I roll with the best, see?
Who in the fuck wanna test, these
Niggas from the S-C-T, C-L-E? We got heat
Y'all know what happened to the thief
When the king catch him stealin, got his hands in the cookie jar
Off with his hand, fuck it off with his head
Make him stand front and center, let me see what the rookie got
Bet a nigga ain't got nothin, they bluffin
Tryin to come up on somethin, bubblin
I'mma say this really really really loud
Y'all wanna bubble I'll bust them, rush them
Trust him never, on a whole 'nother level
If God the creator then y'all niggas devils
The fight won't end 'til the war get settled
And Bone gon' win cause them Bone niggas rebels
Playa, yeah, nigga!

They don't wanna see me shine
Everybody wanna sound like Bone though, come back in the Bone zone
If you just beginnin with the daddy you don't know
They call me the granddad, Granddaddy of the Bone flow
Well little lazy rappers, obviously we never figured
This would be the lick and we'd be next to shine
And we got everybody screamin and singin
But these out-of-shape suckers need exercise
So I'mma get up in their mental
I'mma work 'em out over the instrumental
Give 'em a criminal rhythm, the lyrical nympho
Wanna see the wicked, better know what you're in fo'
First the fan side could be forgiven, you didn't know
Second time I got up in 'em like here we go
No matter what they sayin we still the most
Realest, that ever did it (did it) feel me flow
Everybody want a little bit of this
The lil' Krayzie, Layzie, Bizzy, Wish and Flesh
A little taste so they can test and make 'em see how we the best
And how we realer than the rest, don't flex cause the pump gon' get 'em
I'm like a bullet to the chest, suffer cardiac arrest
That's so hard that I can still get their heart and leave 'em dead
Give 'em all they can get
Send them suckas to the lyric cemetary or the rap hospital
Never no competition!

C'mon, now let me take you back to The Land
You know where, the heart of it all
In 1993 when we was up out the scene
The fellas with hell of a harmony with the flow hooked up with Eazy-E
Shook up the industry and y'all just in time, to get another facelift
Certainly this somethin that you wouldn't wanna miss
The drama when it hit the fan, we got 'em trippin off the gift
And split a wig up with a pretty sick twist
We working like a surgeon on your dome
Exactly what I cut you with is sharper than a scalpel
Actually, it's too many Bone Thug clones and they all malpractice
Arrested and send 'em to the gallows
My Trues brought a style that's unfound
And you can feel it naturally but we ain't no magicians
Really ain't no thang to make a fraud disappear
Steady givin what they love to hear
We make 'em listen up close, everybody know we got the dough
We choppin nothin but missiles, still the nigga who the greatest
Y'all lost, can't even afford the cost
This is authentic and nothin that's dealin with the worldwide bosses
We got the sauce, baby we got the juice
We keep 'em in a frenzy fiendin for mo'
On the ThugLine with F.B.G., 7th Sign and Mo Thug
Once again we about to blow, we about to blow
Set it off explode, set it off explode!

I'mma treat it like a race and I gotta win it
Ahead of you bums with the Bone flow Thug invented
Haters wonder why them thug niggas still gettin in
Nothin changed the game like we did so we here, still with it
Gotta tell the truth, we changed thangs
Bringin somethin new that's everlasting
I'mma keep it real, it's next to nothing
Doin the same thing is less creating
Flow just borin, your spit's just corny
What happened to old bitin self? Writin battles done face to face
I miss those days, these days
Ghost writers, fake artists with nothin to say
I'mma give it where it's due, my street dudes just stay cool
I know I got you when I need to pop it you'll let loose
And you don't wanna see a Thugsta hit with a Grey Goose
Or we could buy the bar, just stay cool and we good
Recognize street thug, coulda been all hood
The flow's so love, thugs reppin in all hoods
Pick up on it, never fully get it, this Bone flow
Smilin, hatin but you see me on the low low
In the game with the number one, straight from the Cleveland slums
Straight off the block, never hustle to the flo' though
Keep it or not, how them Bone Thugs came through
Yeah yeah, we took it to another level (level)
Level (level) level (level) yeahhh!

As soon as I'm receivin the call, now give me the ball
I run with the dawgs then keep the ball
Now meet me at the mall, you can check on every shelf on the wall
They makin money off the Bone Thugs, equipped for the show
With a knife in my back, everybody rappin fast
But the harmony ain't in it and now that's too much to pass
Now that's too much to ask
Let me pick up my brass ball style and change up, c'mon
My trigger finger's uncovered my carpel tunnel was gone
It was written and rippin problems like water flowin in humbles
I'm walkin with seven shovels, the grave diggers and others
Nobody understands the man, clones now shut up
I'm quicker than a boogey wicked monster, never just like the movie
We know when to pray to God, do whatever
We get the hustle on in the spring, fall
In summer and winter months we gon' praise - Jesus!
Don't even represent us like we ain't said nothin
Present the flow then grow, know where we come from
Sun gon' shine in, equinox rhymin
Layzie perfect timin, grab my gun!
What's up to my nigga young Hova, Twista
Bun B, Pimp C, A.C. Killer
Get your money, get your paper
Elevate like my nigga DMX, here's a prayer, God bless playa

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