Raised In The South

Leggi il Testo, scopri il Significato e guarda il Video musicale di Raised In The South di Ludacris . “Raised In The South” è una canzone di Ludacris. Raised In The South Lyrics.

TESTO - Ludacris - Raised In The South


TESTO - Ludacris - Raised In The South

Keep my name out your mu'fuckin' mouth (out yo' mouth) {*3X*}

Cause I was raised in the motherfuckin' south (in the south)

Keep my name out your mu'fuckin' mouth (out yo' mouth) {*3X*}

Cause I was raised in the motherfuckin'...

(Luda!) Southside, College Park, yeah I rep that

Where there's money, all my dawgs, go and fetch that

Niggas robbin' in the hood, we don't sweat that

Throw some some red dots up on your head and connect that (HAHH!)

I guess you in the right place, at the right time

And I been drinkin' I'm not really in my right mind

The wrong move'll make a nigga grab the right nine

Knock your livin' daylights out, bitch, night time

Come off up them stacks, if you don't give 'em then we gon' take 'em

Go and get 'em or we gon' chase him, go stick him and might erase him

Or turn him into a patient, any demon's we gon' face 'em

Or see all the pigs and all that bacon, we gon' as-salamu alaykum

These pussy niggas only talkin' cause they got lips

Guess them choppers only bustin' cause them bitches got clips (YEEEAH~!)

Got them niggas bustin' off the motorcycle like Chips (haha)

Think I seen them round Bloods, so they mighta been Crips

All this rappin' ain't no action, see I can't respect that (nah)

Bout to ask him for that trap, and nigga I'mma check that (DAAAMN)

Hundred units in the living room, and you can bet that

I'm so high up in this bitch look like I got a jet pack (WHOO)

If you a real street nigga, won't you tell me how it feel

So bought some 26s before you played her like Bill

So keep your name up out your mouth, gives a fuck bout how you feel

Cause in these motherfuckin' streets, +I Am Legend+ like Will

These niggas is sweeter than a sweet potato, softer than Play-Doh, hope bitch nigga, lay low

A-Town by the way of Illinois and our blocks come together like Legos, they know

Who I am, I'm the man with a plane and a nigga with verses, blowin' a rapper to pieces

Got a crew full of untamed dogs, and I'm thinkin' that I'm really bout to let 'em off the leashes (WOOF)

I'm scratchin the surface, the nigga with the million dollar verses (WHOO)

These rappers are worthless and all I really wanna do is piss 'em off on purpose

I'm possessed, stick a needle in your back like a nigga doing voodoo curses

Givin' them a two piece with a biscuit and hell no I ain't talkin 'bout churches (OHHH)

Get nervous, get robbed of your valuables nigga like I'm snatching your purses

And I got a couple urges to clown on you niggas like a three ring circus

If you ain't got no warrants, then you best to believe it'll be no searches

So keep my name up out your mouth before I close your curtains


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