Pyrex Pot

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TESTO - Takeoff - Pyrex Pot

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TESTO - Takeoff - Pyrex Pot

Skrt, Skrt
Yeah, hoe
Yeah, yeah, skrt
Y'all know who got the streets on lock
Yeah, yeah
I ain't got time to go back and fuck with you niggas

Put your whole wrist in the pot, put your fist in the pot
Make it double up, nigga (talk to em)
Double up, double up, double up, double up
Roll with a double cup in it (good drank)
Big bag, stuff rolled up and you know we got double stuff in it (cookie)
Talkin' bout the smoke, bout the beef, bout the stick talk
Then you know we all with it

Turn a twenty five to a fifty (fifty)
Run with it, nigga that's a three-sixty (whip)
I'ma take a step with the panthers (step)
I'ma windmill in my whip (windmill)
I'ma call lay for the ye, Kanye
Get a two piece chicken with the biscuit
I'ma pull the wraith out today on the block
But these rap niggas can't come kick it (facts)
Work out the pot like it's fifties (work it out)
Sippin' on codeine for the sickness (lean)
Can get the Glock if you tempt me (take it out)
I'ma whip it, can I get a witness
Free up all my dogs from the top tier
See a pig and a hog in the left rear (12)
I'ma go but the dope soft, cashmere (dope)
Twelve pull up in the trap, ain't no bags here (12)

Baking soda, gas stove, yeah (skrt, skrt)
One pop, 2Pac, yeah (skrt, skrt)
Left wrist, right wrist, yeah (skrt, skrt)
Wax on, wax off, yeah (skrt, skrt)
Beat that dope to the law
Beat that dope to the law
Hit that dope to the law
Hit that dope to the law
Whip that dope to the law
Whip that dope to the law
Put your wrist in the pot, get your dope or not

Trap house jumpin' like Jordan (for real)
Pyrex jumpin' like Vince Carter
Ring make it bounce like a C4
I'ma get the bitch, till it get hard
Hit it with a little bit of hot water (damn)
I'm on a cold roof for a brick order (real)
And I keep the tool, if you outta order
Knock you out your shoe with the Glock .40 (talk to em)
And I got my wrist in the pot (woo)
And I got your bitch in the spot (woo)
And I got the dick on the Glock (talk to him)
Cuban link chain, yeah flame nigga
And my cup muddy little nigga
Two wrists in the pot like it's double dutch nigga
Tryna double up nigga (tryna double up)
Trap money bought me a dope boy car
Boy, I pulled out the lot like (skrt, skrt)
Trap money got me a dope boy, wrist in the pot like (skrt, skrt)
And I keep the bird like Pat Mall (what)
Superman dope like King Kong
Keep me in the pot like (skrt, skrt)
Take the four to a nine, get strapped more (skrt)

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