A$AP Rocky

Pretty Guy (Snippet)

Leggi il Testo, scopri il Significato e guarda il Video musicale di Pretty Guy (Snippet) di A$AP Rocky . “Pretty Guy (Snippet)” è una canzone di A$AP Rocky. Pretty Guy (Snippet) Lyrics.

TESTO - A$AP Rocky - Pretty Guy (Snippet)

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TESTO - A$AP Rocky - Pretty Guy (Snippet)

Lyrics from Snippet

Double-V.S by the pearls
Closet got more furs than hers
Lotta things I gotta serve
Lotta lean, a lot of syrup
Lotta weed, a lotta herb
Lotta 'didas, lotta girls
If I don't beat it, I'ma curve
Man I mean it, boy I'm serious

Nah I ain't tryna fuck with these buck-ass hoes (hell no)
Man, that shit is cut nigga (bitch)

I ain't fucking with the birds
Lil' mama work my nerves (shut the fuck up)
Bases loaded, shoutout Ferg
Carti battin', I'm on third
Got a nina, not insured
R.I.P. who got a shirt
Doin' donuts in a circle
Burnin' rubber when I swerve (skrrt)
(Ahaha, fuck that shit, man, uh)

Diddy bop, pretty girl
Pretty guy, man, he fire
Keep my pope round my coat
Call my Uber, then I go, run your mouth
Diddy bop, pretty girl
Pretty guy, man, he fire
Run your mouth around the town
Then give me more, give me more


And I woke up, I told her so fucked, damn
Man last night, nigga, we fucked the club up, damn
Woke up hella late


Got hits like Drake, got songs like Dre
Nigga, go ape like the clothes on ...

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