Power 106 Los Angeles Freestyle

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TESTO - Russ - Power 106 Los Angeles Freestyle


TESTO - Russ - Power 106 Los Angeles Freestyle

Ya, Ya

Strippers in Houston, I've been dabbling with quite a few

Couple million up, off a Sound
Cloud, that's quite a view

Y-O-U so mad, that's something that lames do

I don't need a pistol, but that's something that chains do

My visions they came true, and they keep on comin

I got women rapped around the block, and they keep on runnin

If I show my face, know your place

Think before you comment on this DIY Pioneer

Rich before I dotted on this line, don't cross it

My, on this ball shit

That's why I partnered instead of signed

50/50 profit

Moving state to state to state to state, to country hoppin

Poppin 20's for these bitches, nah, I got my 20's poppin


Buy my 40's, 40 B's is what my fortune reads

My advice, kill the verse, and let the chorus breath

40 G's that's a light weed

I ain't gotta say shit, they just get offended cause my ice speaks

Why he, got so many bad bitches down to be wifey?

Shout out to my women in the bay, gettin hyphee

I can get with the family, cause that's good for my psychee

Ridin round in Atlanta bumping Gucci, bitch I might be


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