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TESTO - Lil Wayne - Popular


TESTO - Lil Wayne - Popular

She got that good good she Michael Jackson bad I'm attracted to her wit her attractive ass

She got that good good she Michael Jackson bad I'm attracted to her

She a monster, I’m her sponsor

She run through my head, Chris Johnson

I’ma tackle her, get in back of her

Bust that open suck that pussy like the Dracula

What your man doing? Tell him fall back

Throw that pussy at me, baseball bat

I kiss her where she point

I make her lose her voice

I see her when I want, call that viewers choice

Number one lover, she want none other

Don't need another one when we got one another

I take her out and then I take her down

I beat it up twelve rounds

Ok I’m watching you baby

And thinking about all of the things that I can do baby

On top of the world when I'm on top of you baby

Spend the night with me and get popular baby, po-popular baby (x2)


She a monster,but im a beast though

Take her clothes off, with my teeth though

I beat slow or I can hit it fast

I do it how she ask, and I cum last

I bust her ass, we tear it down

Then I gotta split like James Brown

Its all love, I come back around

And if she back it up, then then I back it down

Tell me something is you ready for me baby

Take this beast up out my pants and let you pet it for me baby

My dick on professor Klump jump on this Eddie for me baby

And when you fuck with me they give you credit for it baby yeah

She got that good good she Michael Jackson bad

Im attracted to her for her atractive ass

So pack your bags, I fly you in

Soon as she land, we get it in

She love to put her legs around my neck

I promise if I fuck her harder she gon' choke me to death ha

And its always wet, don't know if she the best I ever had

But she's the best I had yet

Hey and you get popular baby

And like a cradle I'll be rockin' you baby

I feel good when I'm on top of you baby

So I'mma stay on top of u baby, hey

You'll be popular baby

I'll be rockin u baby

I'm on top of u baby

And I'mma stay on top of u baby hahaha


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