Meek Mill

Point of No Return

Leggi il Testo, scopri il Significato e guarda il Video musicale di Point of No Return di Meek Mill . “Point of No Return” è una canzone di Meek Mill. Point of No Return Lyrics.

TESTO - Meek Mill - Point of No Return


TESTO - Meek Mill - Point of No Return

I ain't turning back niggas

Let's get it

Point of no return

No turning back its all or nothing

I seen them niggas that used to be this shit all for nothing

I can't fall for nothing

So ain't no turning back

Fuck that, I watched all of their mistakes and learned from that

So go ahead nigga hate on me and watch me earn from that

Try to kill me I go out busting like I'm Bernie Mac

Cause I'm a warrior, real two-storier

Million dollar plan I keep a secret like Victoria

Niggas want to see me fall like September

Trying to stomp my flame out and watch me ember and catch again

Had to kick the door down they wouldn't let me in

I take these niggas on a level they ain't' ever been

Terminator dedicated, focus like I'm meditating

Keep it real ain't ever faking

Y'all pussies forever hating

A lot of niggas had a chance but they ain't ever take it

I do it for the hood my niggas that ain't ever make it


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