Pillow Talkin’

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TESTO - Tyga - Pillow Talkin’


TESTO - Tyga - Pillow Talkin’

Feels good don't it?

Stress, have a lot of stress to get off my chest

{Aww baby let me talk to you baby}

Y'know I think if sometimes we would have talked it out

{Ayy, sit dowwwwwwwwwn}

And said I'm sorry... but it never happened that way

So I went to bed with my music {now listen}

Why do we fight, why do argue you

All through night, when we should be pillow talkin baby?

Make the wrongs, all things aside

Swallow our pride, and just love each other all the time

You got me, and I got you

What else could really matter but loooooooooovin

That's what it's all about

'til death does us part

Dear Princess, remember, what I called you

Markin those calendar days away til that moment I saw you

And I fell, in love, from that very moment I saw you

Glad I, played on the phone and dialed them numbers to call you

Now I'm, thinkin about how could that go wrong?

You was so special to me like the music in this song

From my heart, I said 'til death, do us apart

But then, dated for only a month or so, how is this possible?

She she got me stutterin, my words beginnin to slur

As I say, I love her, but I'm lovin it, it feels so right

When I'm, huggin her, she sayin the same she feelin complete like

Two way streets, ringin my phone, she never hear a beep

That means, I'm answerin, fulfilling her every need and desire

Your dream, this is life with me, continuous shoppin sprees

When I'm on the road, even gave you all the security codes

So baby, tell me, tell me

I thought it was more to what we had, her secret stash

Filled with bundles of emotions now I'm startin to notice

All that shit was bogus, all the dozens of roses

Thinkin, you was my golden token, now I'm feelin frozen

Lookin like my life is hopeless, no human

Should ever experience what I drove in, now my car is broken

My engine hood I should have never left it opened

Lookin like I'm on E, no fuel I can't even eat

Don't even want to breathe if you ain't close to me; no friends

My only enemy is Cupid, how could you be so stupid?

Please tell me why love hurts, can you even hear me?

Can you even imagine if your arrow wasn't workin for weeks

I don't, think so, I'm just tryin, to think slow

It just ain't me, so please, play the drum rolls

And roll the red carpets out, as I wait for you to return

With an explanation, so baby start explainin

Heh~! I hope you heard the whole song

It was from me to you, somethin special

Heh~! I'm lovin this music

But I wish you was here with me

To love it too... {*fades out*}

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