Lil Wayne

Oh I

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TESTO - Lil Wayne - Oh I

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TESTO - Lil Wayne - Oh I

Woke up this morning, with a naked women

Like I was making a porno, but I, but I I

I can't remember how she made it to my bed

I gotta figure it out before she wake up in my head

Get my shit I gotta get her I gotta get her outta here

I swear the game play was smart, suppose to be in and out of here

But it didn't go that way so I called up Spitter

Cause he liked her anyway when he saw me with her

Thats how we do, how we did it how we get her

Young money in this bitch, fuck them hoes, fuck them niggas. yeah

And I know that they can't fuck with me, because of the

Way I am so comfortly, running the, fucking G

Youngin hold down the place

Running round the city buying everything you niggas make

Niggas can't fuck the way I rock

Thousand dollars on the sock

Hot boy get up bitches, outlawed....

So motherfucking fly, that is so motherfucking lie

I know Jesus is watching this session looking at me like

Thank you Lord, you know I try so hard

So if they try me Ima spank em for it

Now Im all up in her mouth like a cancar sore

I two dollar drink a whore,You mink the whore

You like to link the whore, I think of her, as a whore

Like what the fuck you thinking for?

What is wrong with that mind of yours?

She's a dinosaur, she's a Teranosaurous Rex for sex and

Fly as a Terracdactal, I very spectacular

Every move is emaculate though magnificent

Living it up and giving my ten percent to the man up above

Thats probably why I am significant

Ain't gotta tell you about how I finish it

You can look in my face and experience it you bitches

Never been with that bullshit so dont you bring it around me

Im from tear it up avenue right off of get down street you know me I say

Never hesitate, always had a pistol, never been afraid to show

Let it whistle like du du du dudu, du du du

Still creepin on my side, will kill you if you try

Give my money to my momma she will give it somebody

Thats my little biddys brother, hes a bad motherfucker

Im smart hes tougher who will survive?

I want to fly like a boy in the sky

I can buy anytihng that money can buy

Oh I

I can turn a knickle or you and homies retired

I can do just anything whatever my soul desires

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