A$AP Ferg

OOOUUU (Remix)

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TESTO - A$AP Ferg - OOOUUU (Remix)

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TESTO - A$AP Ferg - OOOUUU (Remix)


M.A. what up?

Yeah, Harlem, Brooklyn, New York

Shout outs to my niggas with them felonies

They be runnin' through your hood for them accessories

I teach you how to be a player, Bill Bellamy

Funny cause I fucked that same bitch Headphanie

It's always in the rain when you see a player ridin' the Porsches

They'll never duck, got the Benzo up, they don't know what the cost is

Couple Wilhelmina model bitches with me, baby all of 'em whores

Shout out to my nigga Rick Ross but you know who the boss is

All my niggas winnin' and we celebratin' all of your losses

Marty, the Henny got me saucy

100 bands made the diamonds dance like Carlton Banks

Me and M.A. at the strip club blowin' all these Franks




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