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TESTO - Bone Thugs-N-Harmony - Not That Nigga


TESTO - Bone Thugs-N-Harmony - Not That Nigga

I'm not that nigga, to get caught up in rappers and bluffs
I'm not that nigga that's believin that you bitches is thugs
I'm not that, nigga to floss, braggin on what my shit costs
I'm not that nigga trickin dough just to stick dick to a hoe
I'm not that nigga you catch slippin at the bar or the club
I probably got my Glock off safety, cocked then pop it, now what?
Now what? Not the nigga to bow down to the law
I'm not that nigga to snitch, and I'm not that nigga you saw
I'm not that nigga to switch, I keep it hard to the core
I'm not that nigga, they say they saw beat down at The Source
I'm not that nigga takin shorts or losses all for my profit
I'm not that nigga that's gon' give it up 'til SOMEBODY STOP ME!
I'm not that nigga that's gon' kick it with too many suckas or fags
I'm not that nigga lockin these groupie hoes all up in my face
I'm not that nigga so don't ask if I wanna battle when rappin
Cause shit, you speak of war, nigga you know we comin to blast
Buck buck buck!

I'm not that niggaaaaa
- I'm not that nigga you thought that you was after
I'm not that niggaaaaa
- I'm not that nigga with balls but actin faggish
I'm not that niggaaaaa
- So I think you should pause, you better back up
I'm not that niggaaaaa
- And I think I better tell you that I ain't the one you're lookin fo'

I'm not that nigga, for a bitch to be talkin bullshit
I was never that nigga for school, I'm too cool bitch (bitch!)
I'm that nigga that eat that pussy with Cool Whip (hey)
Don't be a bitch, he's cheatin, I ain't cheatin on you bitch
I'm not that nigga, I'm the choir boy and proud to be Bryon boy
Ex-drug dealer slash the lion boy
I'm not that nigga that experimented nothin but weed
Then again I do drink and I popped a couple of V's
Huh, I'm not that nigga with his mind in the dark
If you don't love me I don't love you, let me lock up the heart
And naw, I'm not that nigga that don't take care of the babies
Nuh-uh, I don't give a fuck if it ain't mine - is you hungry?
And God willin, me and my niggas chillin
Not them niggas that be trippin, bustin my automatic pistol
And I'm, not that nigga to guide, I'm a baby
But I'm yo' motherfuckin nigga, let the world drive us crazy

Look dawg; I'm not that nigga that you can play with
Nor that nigga that you can toy with
I'm that nigga that come through dumpin
And bringin the ruckus and really destroy shit
I'm that nigga that do what I say and I say what I mean
I'm not that nigga that just gon' sit back, ain't comin up on no green
No no! I'm not that nigga baby, I'll be that nigga that blow a pound wit'cha
Get down wit'cha, backin that round fo' round wit'cha
I'm the type of nigga that look in yo' eyes and see if yo' mind right
Get it right every time, you right about that I'ma shine in the limelight
Cause I'm a king, I'm not that nigga that just be tellin you things
When I hit the scene, every nigga on my team
Is the shit, get it right, I'm not that nigga you wanna be testin
I'll be done opened it up and lets 'em loose
They blast in every direction
I'm a playa not a fighter, this is a burner not a lighter
When the shit get deep I'ma start the fire
I'ma show y'all niggas how a Thug get live
I'm not that nigga in the game and ain't scorin
When it's rainin it's pourin, I'm not that nigga and this is a warnin!

I'm not that nigga - run in the club
And splittin the club when it all goes down
I'm not that nigga - snitch like a bitch
On somebody here that'll pay yo' rounds
I'm not that nigga - that ain't gon' be last
When one of my Thuggstaz call
I'm just that nigga - you know that nigga
That always gives it rough and raw, raw
I'm not that nigga - gettin caught up
None of these groupie hoes
I'm not that nigga - out here flossin
Payin attention to none of my foes (no no!)
I'm not that nigga - better believe
You owe I'm comin for mine
I'm not that nigga - just that nigga
Gettin over and I don't mind, mind
I'm not that nigga - just expect
I got a problem, you know I check it
I'm just that nigga - hittin the hardest
Checkin these niggas up on this Thug shit
I'm not that nigga - with no ammo
Talkin shit and really won't let go
I'm not that nigga - that you won't feel
Get in all yo' shit cause I'm not that nigga

- repeat 2X

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