Leggi il Testo,la Traduzione in Italiano, scopri il Significato e guarda il Video musicale di My Kingdom di Megadeth contenuta nell'album The System Has Failed (2019 – Remaster). “My Kingdom” è una canzone di Megadeth. My Kingdom Lyrics.

TESTO - Megadeth - My Kingdom

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TESTO - Megadeth - My Kingdom

The flag that I once planted as a king I abandoned

And now, I reclaim this banner by God

My sword and my name

In a truce sealed by blood within this metal skin

And all that I own

Blood, bone and courage in my veins and the heart that pumps it

Drink from the chalice and be reborn and the land with me

It will change and transform

A fighting man sworn to the quest

It is the doom of man that they forgot

I have awoken the dragon

And all around me the mist of his breath

Good and evil, there never is one

Without the other, his brother

Always there where I least expect it

It will burn me to cinders

The future's taken root in the present sun

Don't look into my heart, least of all your own

No man who is false can win

In combat against the truth

When he lies, he murders

Some part of the world

We must find what was lost

Heart and home, wife and child

Were not for me, I was not yet done

I never knew how empty my soul was

Until it was refilled

Mad distemper strikes both beggars and kings

The necromancer's hard teachings of war and quest

I am given the right to bear arms

And the power to meet justice

I have lived through others for far too long

And carried my guild, my causes, my sins

I hope in the hereafter when I owe no more to the future

That I can be just a man

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