A$AP Ferg

Mad Man (Demo)

Leggi il Testo,la Traduzione in Italiano, scopri il Significato e guarda il Video musicale di Mad Man (Demo) di A$AP Ferg . “Mad Man (Demo)” è una canzone di A$AP Ferg. Mad Man (Demo) Lyrics.

TESTO - A$AP Ferg - Mad Man (Demo)

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TESTO - A$AP Ferg - Mad Man (Demo)

Tear da club up

Whatchu know, whatchu?

Tear da club up

Nigga, A$AP, nigga

Tear da club up

Tear da club up

It's A$AP nigga, stop all that goofy shit

Tear da club up

An' they still smokin' Jitt pack

Tear da club up

This for all you playa hataz who be talking that

Nigga, fuck yo' squad, nigga

(Honorable C.N.O.T.E.)

Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy

Poppin' these pills in my coupe

I'm on the roof

Move like I'm Batman (yuh)

Um, damn, what, Margiela madman

Margiela madman

Ooh, ooh, ooh, yeah

Walk in that bit' and I feel like a man (yeah)

Ho, I got guap in my pants (yuh)

An' I got tools in my pants (yuh)

Ayy, Carti can't dance

Ooh, I shoot that boy where he stand (yeah)

Yuh, I keep a drum like a band (hey)

Tell my lil' boy he got next (next)

Put that lil' chain on his neck (ice)

Count it up nigga, we blessed (ya)

Fuck that lil' bit' and she blessed (damn)

Fuck that lil' ho and she blessed (yuh)

Suckin' my dick, left a mess (suckin' my dick)

Thirty-five-hunnid my vest

Forty-five-hunnid my Tec (cash)

Twenty-nine-hunnid my set

I spent a check on my fit (nah)

Dumpin' it all on a fit

Ridin' around in a Vet (Maison Margiela, Margiela)

Movin' around like a vet (vet)

Smell like a check, check my fit (Margiela, Margiela)

Came with my dog like I'm bit (ooh)

She suck me off like a tick

Diamonds, they lookin' like piss (ooh, yuh, yuh)

Diamonds, they lookin' like piss (yeah, yuh)

Diamonds, they lookin' like piss

Nigga, fuck your squad, nigga, A$AP bit'

Margiela mad man

Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy

Spent 50K on the Rollie

Just bought that shit and my bitch broke it

She sayin' she ain't even notice

But her pussy wet like the ocean

Ayy, ayy (swim, swim, swim)

Ayy, ayy (Margiela madman)

Master Bruce, yeah, I'm the coldest

Master Bruce, yeah, I'm the coldest

Margiela and that Rick Owens

I'm fucking her friend and she know it

Margiela, bad

My jewelry stone cold like Steve Austin

Don't care for no bitch, we just toss 'em

Millionaire, still live in Harlem

(Yeah, uh) Bury your hood

Riding up to a bodega, Fergie 'gone bark like Omega

This ain't no game, ain't no SEGA

Even though that beef old, I don't care

I will not fuck with the Raiders

Second deal out with Adidas

Fergie done got him a sneaker

Make your bitch sing like Aretha

I fuck on your bitch when you eat her

You cuffing that bitch like you need her

Yamborghini with Aaliyah

Rest in peace until I see ya

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