Young Thug

MOM (Mind On Money)

Leggi il Testo, scopri il Significato e guarda il Video musicale di MOM (Mind On Money) di Young Thug . “MOM (Mind On Money)” è una canzone di Young Thug. MOM (Mind On Money) Lyrics.

TESTO - Young Thug - MOM (Mind On Money)

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TESTO - Young Thug - MOM (Mind On Money)

Sitting up so high, feel like my nose bleed (my nose bleed)
I left that lil' money in my old jeans
And speaking of alphabets, I know OGs (OGs!)
Offshore accounts, overseas
No tint, so you know it's me

Mind on that money, mind on that money
Money on mind, money on my mind
Money on my mind, money-money on my mind (thugger!)
Mind on that money, nah, mind on that money
Money one mind, money on my mind
(Money on my mine, got the racks on my mind)

Got them racks on me, the long way
Hunnid's on me, they tailing me to throw me
I feel like I'm on moon way long, baby
Take this, take that like Diddy Kong baby
Me and Quan like Jay and Ye', Watch the Throne, baby
Creepin in that black truck, just like the song say
Hey, and that car was from Malone, baby
She my ex, just like Mill, oh I'm gunning real
I told the boy, I got a tip if it's dub seal
You been pussy, I see your whisker, 'bout as long as a seal
She look at me, I look by grey, like a Navy Seal
You cry, swear to God, I'mma try fuck yo kids

Beatin on my chest, just like I'm Willie B
Swiss bank accounts, my lightskin ho look like Alicia Keys
Clean up my cars then bring them out, push button, don't need a key
And like the first Sunday in April, I'm on Easter pink
Double cup better have ice in it, homie heating ice with it
I'm killing these niggas every every song im on, they say homie need a life sentence
And all my hoes tryna' fight bitches
Call a girl a ho, don't dyke bitches
Find your spot in the dark, no night vision
Cuase I'm good as icy, you feel me?
Name two niggas you know who done came up this fast
Play game, bitch and who blew on that hard dropping lil bad
I get dough, nigga, don't get mad
Let me bring it pronto, that's your ass
No (?), no cause you know I drop cash
I'm sitting on the car, got 'em mad cause

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