Rick Ross

MMG Untouchable

Leggi il Testo, scopri il Significato e guarda il Video musicale di MMG Untouchable di Rick Ross . “MMG Untouchable” è una canzone di Rick Ross. MMG Untouchable Lyrics.

TESTO - Rick Ross - MMG Untouchable


TESTO - Rick Ross - MMG Untouchable

When you get a lil' paper, get ready for haters

They standing in line, they all suffer from vapors

I got me a ghost, I took off the tint

Bitch look at my face, I'm a grown ass man

I'm buying real estate and I'm building my plans

Can't name a realer place, going gram for gram

And all the killers hate, know who the fuck I am

Look in a nigga face, watch me count my grams

My dog my trigger mate, and we bout them games

I'm talking trigger play never safe for lames

Just beat another charge, made 'em drop that case

My lawyers going hard, a nigga versus the state

Just bought another car, had to drop that top

For 200 dollars, she'll suck that cock

Cause when you seen with me I'mma up that stock

I got that green with me, Gucci got those blocks

A nigga cheese dripping, I like my nachos hot

As far as green niggas, yeah you might get got

Breaking down my key, trying to see me the most

Greenhouse on the couch, niggas seeing me toast

Niggas making the threats, you could put 'em on Twitter

But out of respect, I handle mine like a killer

I'm running the city like a pair of new Js

Maybe the patent 11s, I got these hoes in a daze

Panamera parade, sippin Cir'c lemonade

Baby, drop me a eighth and baby boy straight

In the back of the ghost, I can hear no whispers

In the back of your mind, you wanna be that nigga

(Maybach Music)

Know I said it to y'all once

And I'ma say it to y'all again

See, this right here?

This ain't no ordinary music, nigga

This the finest music on the planet

Nigga, this that Maybach Music

Rick Ross, Rich Forever

Now, turn the fucking volume up!


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