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TESTO - Tyga - Lovegame**

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TESTO - Tyga - Lovegame**

The days go by we argue all the time

I wanna make it right, cuz that was last night'

Babe we gon be no allright, no allright

You turned it I turned it we turned it all wrong

Theres no point in hold on >allright<

Im gonna move on, cut right?

Nthin btween us was ever right

So have we thought we could make things work

Like they ain't wrong, babe youre wrong

Since day one

It was always the same

Always fussin and fightin

For nothin or it all

Was laughin and creepin

Sth btween seemed so strong

I dont see a point in

Actin like its ok

But I dont even wana fight anymore

Cuz fightin was ours, it was OUR game

And seems we never knew each other

Nothing I thought you are I could now say is sure

I wanted to win

And if it was your turn it was ok

It wasn't you against whom I played

We played together

Like we could

Like we would and feel like lovers

I could count on you

To care, to be there

I could say its worth

The smallest little sth that we both share

You played, I played

We played it nearly every day

I thought it was our game

Even though I knew about the serious matters

We were discussin

It was our way to show we care

Cuz we both played our cool with a heart nowhere

No love to share

So fighting meant

You are worth passion, worth energy

Fighting meant

If you play it right today, you get a little maybe

If we play good we warm each other up

-But now is time to clean the flame, close the lights, give up

I played

Cuz somehow..i felt

Am strong have principles and all that

Independent, know what I got

You know where to put me which level

But we played a game

To each other with each other

We wanted nothing less than highscore

With love chosen to cheat on

Dont know if we both intended the same

Can't guess how much was real, how deep was the play'n

We played

And I let you in

You wanted and tried hard

To let it all begin

And I was too good for you to knock out easily

To good to moan out everythin you wanted from me

But somehow it wasn't only fun

-By time I got to know someone..

And what you were, when you were next to me

Seemed matching on someone touchable

Feelable for me

What you were on my sight

Was like a mirror I could see me through

Your eyes could beat in your vibe

We played

I know we messed it up, chosen the worst game to play on

Both with fear of nothing

More than the way feelin can make you get weak

Dont know if I believed you were too weak for me

To let it hurt, make me ever unhappy

Or if I thought you were more

Someone any pain I would be willin to pay for

But in the end, we messed it up

The gain was nothin our debts been love

And seems now my hearts stagnatin, always on repeat

Not knowin the rhythm havin lost its beat

My mind always with the same words

Move on move on move one

Your strong

But its wrong

Ive chosena be weak

Chosena feel

Now I feel strong only if you was with me

Yet not weak enough to stay

Yet too proud to cut it, interrupt it

Stop to make it go on, make it play

I thought it was all fun

And id never be jelous of you

Thought we were just playin

It was nothin real, nothin true

But now. I can't touch you anymore

Your scent could make me cry

Was that what you were lookin for..?

I ain't ask you, ainta say tell me why

Cuz we always played

From the very beginning

I started, sure that id be the part winning

And you know that.i would have

I had the choice

But I listened to my innerselfe'voice

Felt like 'give it a try' felt like 'it could be special'

Like '
Youre special in your way

The opposite within the same.'

And we got deeper every day

I got used to our time used to our game

I got used to smellya every day

Used to your voice sayin -the kind you doin- my name

But somehow it wasn't like routine, isnt that what bores me the most

We made it feel different

One day we found each other, one day we let each other stay lost

You was someone, not different than others

And I was always cold to you, how come you yet felt like we lovers

Haven't you felt anything dont tell me that

Yesterday I seen in your eyes that you do regret

And noone regrets, that ain't missin what he had

Noone turns the best so quickly to sth bad

If he wouldn't feel

You hate, dont tellme you dont hate me simetomes

So letme tellya, babe you musve loved me

Isnt that what hate defines..?

Nothingtheless. you opened up your body for other's lust

I dont know what was the bounty but I know whatyo lost

And I ain't ever touch you like I did befo

Senseful, loveful, always wantin to stay a little more

And I ain't ever feel like I did befo

You had me like wax in your fingers

Ain't have me at all anymore

You fingers touched others than mine

Your lips are marked different now I can tell you were lyin

You were EVERYTHING just yesterday, I felt youre all mine

Today is diffrent, seems you just lost someone

Dont know if it was worth to have others on top of you

First time im honest to myself. just the thought of it raises me, feelin a fire burnin in me

Youve chosen not to talk at all ere you did, thats what I gonna do now

Just lemme tell yo babe. see ill always stay ON TOP of your list

But never again by your sight, next to you

We always fighted, my heart stupidly chosen to be yours all over

And you been chosin to treat me like I mean nthin to ya

Once we played a game, these days gone now we ain't have that no more

I was you addict

Now I healed myself ain't ever been stronger

You thinkin by urself when you see me

Wasn't she mine, wasn't I hers, you missin, but we ain't ever be no longer

No longer anything

Your rulin, you gambled, now last round

We play, but

The games already over. gameovergameovergameover

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