Little Sister

Leggi il Testo, scopri il Significato e guarda il Video musicale di Little Sister di Alexia contenuta nell'album Mad For Music. “Little Sister” è una canzone di Alexia. Little Sister Lyrics.

TESTO - Alexia - Little Sister


TESTO - Alexia - Little Sister

Life's not that easy, you'll know it someday

You'll fight for everything

Wake up from dreaming, something is changing

Confusion everywhere

I've never wanted to see my mother keep on crying

Pain is gonna steal my time

I never thought I could be the one whose Dad is dying

Who's gonna lead my life...

When I take a look into your eyes

And I see the pain inside

I just want to turn back the time

Dry your tears and make you smile

Never really want to see you cry

But baby, living it's so hard!

Come on little sister DADDY is gone

We've got to find the way to carry on

Life is not easy, never be the same

With all this emptyness

Wake up from dreaming, try to be something

We've got to go somewhere

I've never...


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