Leggi il Testo, scopri il Significato e guarda il Video musicale di Letter di Kodak Black contenuta nell'album Lil Big Pac. “Letter” è una canzone di Kodak Black. Letter Lyrics.

TESTO - Kodak Black - Letter


TESTO - Kodak Black - Letter


What they did right there

Nah, let me see that

(Nah, that's just-)

Who that from, right there?

Yahhh, my nigga!

That real

Just got a letter from my nigga

I grabbed the top and I ripped it

Two pages front and back

I read them and started grinnin'

Wonderin' how I'm doin'

He like, "Lil bruh, how you feelin'?"

Told me shit ain't the same without me, the streets miss me

He hate the situation I'm in, he say I'm trippin'

Just got out of the county, they tried to send him to prison

Just talked to his P.O. and he still facin' a sentence

While he was writin', he was blowin' kush and drinkin' Remy

He lookin' at my pictures right now, he in his feelins'

Just tryna bounce back, but other than that he chillin'

Tellin' me how his dog went down and went to snitchin'

Damn, that shit crazy cause we in the same position

Say he remember them times goin' on them missions

Say he for real, he really do, he reminiscin'

He out there making moves, then get caught up with the swivelin'

Everything going smooth and you just get caught slippin'

This shit a lesson for you breh, you better pay attention

When you get out, Kodak, stay focused and keep spittin'

Bruh, you remember that hoe you was fuckin' with, Lil Vicky?

Man, I hear she fuck with some nigga from Khia City

When you think about it, I ain't seen you in a minute

I hope when I get out we could ride around the city

I'm in Tallahassee right now, I'm with Lil Ricky

I'm tryna stumble across a little play, I'm just livin'

Just do your time and don't be worried about these bitches

I'm here for you, anything you need, breh, just hit me

Your brother just told me you hopped on a plea for three

But everybody sayin' you caught eleven years, G

I'm doin' good nigga, how about you?

I had to send a kite cause that's what real niggas do

You my lil nigga forever, just keep your head up

And write me back ASAP, soon as you get this letter


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