Leggi il Testo, scopri il Significato e guarda il Video musicale di L di Jaden contenuta nell'album The Sunset Tapes: A Cool Tape Story. “L” è una canzone di Jaden. L Lyrics.

TESTO - Jaden - L


TESTO - Jaden - L

I could put you on a wave

I just put you on a wave

You're pretty as the ocean

I'm coming with the gang

So you need to get out our way

The ladies love it when I sing

The niggas love my abilities

When I make the fire on the beats

I'm about to make a mil' a week

When I hit 'em with the melodies

I don't care what you tellin' me

Tryna stay away from felonies, oh

Girl, I'm Martin Luther, Martin Luther King

Life is hard, I'm Kamasutra-ing

I'm runnin' through the pain that the youth has been

Inflicted with, it's just ridiculous that you would kill a kid for some Yeezy's

Grab your shoes and give his mom a visit at the funeral, you lookin' fly as hell

Is that really how we're living? Check it

Got a vivid dream of some different (tell 'em)

K. Dot is comin' out of me, the poetry you know it's been a minute

Forefathers put the tax on our real fathers

I don't feel represented, I should be up in the Senate

Swear I feel like Martin Luther, baby, we need Adam Foss prosecutor so they won't

Hand, hand, hand, hand, hand, hand my niggas to the prisons

Forgiveness over your permission

Just because I didn't break it I'ma fix it

And I'm with my dawgs, I'm finna sic ‘em

Teachers said I need a lesson

So I go and start my own school

And it's a mystery to you, you get it?

Misdemeanor's comin' true it ain't the question

But it ain't a problem, they gon' catch you

That's the mind state of the youth including me

We need some new professors

Were you goin' fast son? Yes, sir

It was that autopilot on the Tesla

Heart palpitating so my chest hurts

Probably see it through my sweatshirt, yellin

Mama, mama, I'm a mess-up

Sorry, mama, I'm a mess-up

Paint the pedal just so I could go impress 'em

Almost got us on the stretcher

And I'm sorry mama, know you taught me better

You know, you know you taught me better

Father, I don't need a lecture

Man, I know the street is rougher for the texture

And I'm saying

Sorry, mama, I'm a mess-up

Sorry, mama, I'm the mess-up

I just use these 808's to do confessions

I'm double cursing and I'm flexing

Vile person, Man I feel like I’m in prison

This isn't me, it's my reflection

My purities need protection from the insecurities of a section of my soul

I just put you on a wave

Just put you on a wave

Follow me into the ocean

You will never be the same

I could put you on a wave

I just put you on a wave

Follow me into the ocean

You will never be the same


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