Meek Mill

Key To The Streets

Leggi il Testo, scopri il Significato e guarda il Video musicale di Key To The Streets di Meek Mill . “Key To The Streets” è una canzone di Meek Mill. Key To The Streets Lyrics.

TESTO - Meek Mill - Key To The Streets


TESTO - Meek Mill - Key To The Streets


808 Mafia

See nigga we already had the bag

Now we just tryna run through the bag triple up

Just to make these niggas mad

What we talkin'

{Verse 1}

I got the key to the streets

I got the key to the safe

He wanna see what I'm sellin'

I put a key in his face

I just got back from the dealer

I got the key to the wraith

I got the key to the bentley truck

When I leave the booth imma pick it up


When I'm in my hood bitch I do what I wanna

250 I spend in the corner

You better get busy you runnin' up on it no rap

Play with my nigga you know you a goner

Play with my nigga you know they gon miss you

These niggas be hatin' the fuck is they issue they mad

Ah damn bustin it down on my real ones

They kill each other for lil ones

We tryna set up the lil ones

Loyalty only thing matter to me

We bout to bust us some millions

Niggas is reggie civilians

We the type never can feel em


Walkin' in blow when I step in it

I'm from the P and I'm reppin' it

Seen it with me thats a definite

Seen it with me I was bustin' it

I write a name put a check on it

She suck my dick get a check from it

That was your bitch better check on it


{Beat switch}

{Verse 2}

Yea, timing is money and money is time

Hustle like I'm bout to run outta time

Step to a chump in the front of the line

Get on my level I been in the mix

Blue in Rick Rari like optimus prime

Most of these niggas be poppin' these pills

Don't know what they talkin' they outta they mind

They sippin' that lean and poppin' the perkies a thousand a time

They say that they goons get knocked for a body they droppin' a dime

You said he a hitter

Why you was lyin'?

Yea, livin' that shit I was rappin

They rappin the shit I was trappin'

We catch them niggas in traffic

The FN five-seven drop 21 on 'em no savage


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