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TESTO - Nelly - Intro


TESTO - Nelly - Intro

You know who it is, do what you do
Yo, ay, Nelly, what's up dog? It's Cedric the Entertainer, get at me man
I been hollin' at ya, but I been tryin' to call you about 3 days
I done called your cell phone, your pager, your voice mail, over your mama house, your uncle Daryl
And I paged Kyjuan like 3 times, but hey y'all get at me man, I just want to holla at you player
You know I'm out here up in Cali just doin' it up, hangin' out here, you know, chillin'
Tryin' to do a little TV, you know how I do it, rollin' around here in a big body Benz with 2 dollar worth of gas

Who said there wasn't no future in your front?
Came to put it down like that with your Country Grammar. Right? I heard about it
Usin' those words like St.Louis, here, there, puttin' them 2 capital R's in everything
I feel you on that. Right? I feel you
So just get at me, so I can do a little somethin' for you
Flip a few things
Just call me back, whatever, you can't get me, call over my mama's house
They know how to page me, they'll page me to your number
Then I'll call you back or you can just page my cousin Keith & he'll call my cousin Little Daryl who got my real pager number
And then I call you back on his cell phone
Whatever you do player do a St. Louis style put it down for the STL... Alright?
Now get at me

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